Thursday, September 5, 2013

Training Update

Gosh, where has the time gone? Momster here giving an update on where we are with all this agility training.

Sagira has been cleared to rejoin classes. She is going to Level 6 at our training club and loves it!

Bokeh finally graduated level 4 at our training club and is now in Level 5 agility (he is gaining on Sagira). He still doesn't love it but he is for sure becoming more confident in the ring. Once this clicks for him he is going to be pretty darn awesome (okay, he already is, we love him so). :)

Tempest started her agility training out at IncrediPaws. We feel so lucky to have such close access to a person who has not only been on the USA WORLD agility team but just recently coached the world team this past year. Jenn Crank does an amazing job instructing and we are learning so much. Tempest goes to class on Thursdays and is now in week 5 of her 6 week beginning agility class. She is learning how to do tunnels, chute, sit, stay, down, table work, working a lot on the two on two off boards. She is doing really well so far and just loves working and learning new things. She is going to be hard to keep up with in agility, Jeremy better get on his running shoes with speedy Tempie in the ring with him. hehe


  1. So Bokeh has ALMOST caught up with Sagira... Watch your Backside girrrrl.

  2. That sounds great! What kind of agility books would you suggest for a beginner? (we have no clubs or classes here, but I would like to do something with Easy, he always needs entertainment)

    1. Hi!! Dadster here!

      We would recommend anything written by Linda Mecklenburg, here is a link to her website store:

      You can also find a large amount of books and training videos here:

      Hope you find what you need!

  3. All three are doing very well and me and mum wish you all continuing success.

  4. Wow, where do you find the time?

  5. I looked up impressive online and your pictures came up!!!

  6. Sounds great to us - that means more fun videos for us to see. Mom loves watching all of you go through your moves.

    Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  7. WOWSA!! Sure sounds like everyone is just LOVIN' the trainin'!
    (I do loves the tunnel...BOL)
    Ruby ♥

  8. I had a hard time keeping up with one in agility, I don't know how you manage 3!


  9. My Darling Sagira,
    Well I would love to go on a date with YOU, but Mommy doesn't have time to photoshop us anything and Socks is hogging the blog Saturday, he has big plans with Samantha. ~Your, Fenris

    PS: If his plans work out I will be inviting YOU to a very special event in the near future. Paws crossed.


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