Friday, February 28, 2014


Mom and dad purchased my first ever AKC agility photo. What do you think? Mom loves it because she said you can tell how happy I am in this one and it is a great shot of me going through the tire.

 photo sagira2222014EEEE_zpscd5fadc1.jpg

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Trial Day 2

Here is my STD run from the second day of my trial. The most exciting thing about this is that I am actually in a good mood and still running! Before I had my acupuncture and spinal treatments by the second day I would be super slow and not wanting to be there. Even though I messed up a bit in this one mom and dad were still super happy with me and knowing that I am feeling much better and can now do 2 day trials if they want to.

After talking to Sally at Dogwood training center she told dad she thought I was going to fast in the weave poles since they were on dirt and to try slowing me down before going into them. And her advice worked. Here is my perfect JWW run Sunday afternoon. Got a Q and 4 more MACH points. So I am up to 9 QQ and 245 MACH points now.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014


This past weekend I did my first two day trial in over a year. My first day was Saturday and here is my standard run. There was only a 26% Q rate from Saturday the course was a bit tricky but I did all the tricky parts just fine and then messed up my weave poles. It took dad all the way until my fourth run of the weekend to figure out why I was messing up my weave poles, I was going TOO fast. Can you believe it? I used to be pokey and now I was going too fast. BOL

Beautiful run even though I skipped a couple of weave poles.

Here is my JWW run. No Q because dad made me make lots of mistaks, bad dadster.

Mom loves how I always have to look at her before I run, BOL. Just want to make sure she is there recording me for all my fans.

Also, we had a couple of friends ask us what some of our "lingo" meant so if you are interested here goes.

Q is a qualifying score. The level I am competing in (Master level) you can't make ANY mistakes or you will not get a 100% score to earn your Q

QQ is a double qualifying score meaning that you get a Q in the standard course and a Q in the JWW course

STD is just short for a standard course. There are two courses in agility, standard (which includes all the contacts (the things with the yellow on the ends like the teeter totter, A Frame, Dog Walk, table, etc.).

JWW is Jumpers with weaves course (that means the course only has Jumps and Weave poles and Tunnels in it, no contacts)

MACH is the title we are working on and stands for Master Agility Champion

In order to get a MACH title you have to have 750 points and 20 QQ (means you have to have both runs perfect on the same day). You earn MACH points by your time. Each course has a set time (example 60 seconds) if you run the course in 50 seconds then you earn 10 MACH points. Make sense?

Wow...hope that helps out, let me know if I forgot any terms. It all seems confusing but once you start doing it, it makes sense.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Tempest Tuesday

Tempest here and I must tell you these past 7 days sure have NOT been fun. First mom and dad dropped me off at this scary place. They LEFT me there. Can you believe that? I must admit that momster was crying when the lady walked me back. I heard her tell the lady at the front desk that if ANYTHING goes wrong they are to do WHATEVER to save me. My momster loves me so. So after my girlie surgery was over I came back home. I was a bit whiny the first night but then by the second day I was ready to play ball again. So the rest of the week I keep hearing "Game Over" meaning I can't play. What the heck is wrong with these humans, why won't they just throw me that darn ball or let me outside so I can RUN RUN RUN??? Momster keeps saying something about an incision or something, all I hear is blah, blah, blah. I just want to play. Is that so much to ask??? This weekend they took me with them to Sagira's trial so I could get plenty of crate rest. I don't need rest, I am a BORDER COLLIE, I want to GO GO GO! Mom said just a few more days and I can be free again....wish me luck keeping my mind through all this crazy human stuff. BOL

Here is a picture of me from the morning after my surgery

 photo Tempest_zpsebfe9907.jpg

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Tempest no so fun Tuesday

Please keep Tempie in your thoughts today. She is going to have her big girl surgery and momster and dad are super worried. Tempest will have to stay the night at the vet's office and can't come home until tomorrow. We will miss our sister. Love you Tempie!

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Last weekend

Last weekend we made our way to Zanesville for another agility trial. My first run was the standard course. I did really well until it was time to do the weave poles. Something over there distracted me (I think it was all the pizza and subs they had) and made me miss doing my weave poles so I didn't get a Q but the rest of the run was beautiful. Dad has decided after 5 years that I KNOW what I'm doing and he needs to go faster and trust me more. I think this new plan will work out just fine.

Sorry the video is poor mom had to use her cell phone because the first time ever she forgot the camcorder.

Here is my Jumpers run. Perfect score and 7 more MACH points. WHOO HOO! Thank you to Kathy for recording this one for us!

Frankie and Ernie, sorry we didn't get a chance to let you know we were coming. The weather wasn't great and didn't want to make you all venture out in that just to see us. We will catch you next time!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day

I have the best boyfriend that a girl could ask for. He puts up with me being so busy and never forgets about me even though I'm sure he feels I forgot him sometimes (considering I still haven't mailed out his Christmas package, oops!).

 photo FenSagira2014_zpsb2cc7e7f.jpg

Fenris is taking me to the Queen of Hearts dance today as well. You can see pics of us and read about it on his blog, Here

Happy Valentine's day to all my friends out there.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Weimaraner Wednesday

Starr checking out the piggy

 photo EJWB_2689_zps53054380.jpg

Anyone that knows Starr knows what an awesome photo this is. Starr is the FUN POLICE and usually never plays. Tempest broke her down and got her to play tug of war.

 photo EJWB_2681_zps74966e45.jpg

Way to go Starr and Tempie

 photo EJWB_2682_zpsf572b4e2.jpg

Monday, February 3, 2014

Wag Pac #2

Dogtime offered us a three month subscription to Wag Pac. We just received our second box in the mail. We couldn't wait to open it. Check it out!

We love doing this review, always fun things in the box. This one had yummy treats, a cool JW toy that we love. Can't wait to get our third box now.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Watching you?

Have you ever felt like someone is watching you?

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Saturday, February 1, 2014


Wonder what we can get into this weekend?

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