Sunday, March 31, 2013

Week 2 of Puppy Class

So we are running behind in posting about puppy class. This is from the second week of Tempie's puppy class.

Tempie was not paying attention to the instructor. She was busy giving dad kisses

 photo bJWB_3276_zpsa4d9ee66.jpg

Mom just loves this little pit bull puppy. The first week she was scared to death. She is starting to come out of her shell.

 photo bJWB_3277_zpseefbcc1a.jpg

They broke out into smaller groups. This is Tempie's group

 photo bJWB_3280_zpsb844b8f4.jpg

Working on leash walking

 photo bJWB_3282_zps2c77be4b.jpg

Meeting one of our very close friends, Lynn, for the first time

 photo bJWB_3295_zpsa892bd1a.jpg

Working on playing tug...Tempie loves this game

 photo bJWB_3298_zps0bd2367c.jpg

They took a group photo. Mom screwed up and had to do 2 pics to get everyone in the shot.

Left side of the group

 photo BJWB_3305_zpsecb2bf96.jpg

Right side of the group

 photo BJWB_3306_zps65b39b70.jpg

Tempest being introduced to crutches for the first time

 photo bJWB_3308_zps975d4127.jpg

Working on impulse control

 photo BJWB_3312_zps599604f6.jpg

Teaching the pups a trick "wipe your feet". Good thing Tempie was paying attention to dad and didn't see the dog behind her was trying to eat her. BOL

 photo BJWB_3317_zpsdbc72550.jpg

At the end of the night they do "pass the puppy" where you swap puppies. Dadster traded in Tempie for the ADORABLE husky puppy. Mom was jealous that dad got to play with the husky pup and not her, BOL. Tempie got to play with the husky's momster as well. Tempie doesn't care who she is with as long as they play with her.

 photo BJWB_3328_zpse4592532.jpg

 photo BJWB_3329_zps3dbf0abf.jpg

Video of pass the puppy

Saturday, March 30, 2013

For Brilliant K9

The owners of Brilliant K9 are the nicest people. They wanted some pictures of Bokeh doing his disc dog thing in one of their harnesses so here are some we took to give to them. If anyone would like to purchase a harness like Bokeh's you can visit their website. If you put in code WEIMRESCUE at checkout you will get 10% off your order and also have 5% of your order donated back to mom's rescue, Louisville Weimaraner Rescue. These harnesses are great because you can buy a seatbelt adapter for them as well and they can turn into a seat belt for traveling.

This one is mom's favorite

 photo BVLB_2133-Edit_zps7c957f5f.jpg

Jumping off of dad's shoulder? Oops...supposed to be his back, LOL

 photo BVLB_2103-Edit_zps318b0ed7.jpg

Getting some air, they don't call him Big Air Bokeh for nothing

 photo BVLB_2104-Edit_zps4325f587.jpg

Properly off the back

 photo BVLB_2102-Edit_zpsf510b011.jpg

The up close of his eyes in this one is FUNNY!

 photo BVLB_2096-Edit_zpsfff28c4c.jpg

He loves his discs

 photo BVLB_2080-Edit_zps9df46ef8.jpg

Friday, March 29, 2013

Tempie Disc Doggin

Tempie getting ready to show what she can do

 photo BVLB_2043_zps80c1cc92.jpg

She says she can jump to!

 photo BVLB_1687_zps2413ebc7.jpg

I think she likes this game

 photo BVLB_1688_zpsf2f345af.jpg

Such a good girl

 photo BVLB_1728_zpsd5265b4a.jpg

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Fun at the Park

After our disc dog demo on St. Patrick's day we got rewarded by being able to play with our friend Bella and Bazooka. We always have so much fun playing disc with them.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Weimaraner Wednesday

Momster and Starr tried to do a photo shoot. BOL. Neither care for being photographed so not the best pics in the world but mom wanted some with her Starr girl.

 photo MeNStarrRS_zpsc44d1c4d.jpg

 photo MeNStarrRS1_zpsce08385e.jpg

Also, for any of our friends who might be interested mom is once again soliciting donations for Louisville Weimaraner Rescue's annual Weim and Cheese fundraiser. Any of our blog friends willing to donate to the silent auction by chance? If so, please visit the website and click on contact us and mom's name is Christina, email her for the address to send any donations to. They don't have to be Weimaraner related or even dog related. They can use gift cards, hand made items, etc. as long as the items are new and not used. If you don't have time to shop and would want to donate money momster would be happy to go pick up something for the auction as well. We just need as much help as we can get as this is our only big fundraiser and we need enough green papers to run the rescue off of for an entire year. Last year we had to spend over $10,000 just in boarding fees to try to help some of these Weims. That isn't counting all the medical expenses, etc. So, please...if you can donate anything, even $5, please let my mom know.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

St. Patricks' Day

On St. Patrick's day we drove to a park near Dayton, Ohio to do a disc dog demo with our club, Southern Ohio Flying K9s. This was Tempest first time doing a demo.

Tempie got to go first for the demo to show people how to get a pup started in playing disc

After Tempie went Bokeh got to go and do some of his toss and fetch to show people how they do that

Then Bokeh got to show some people how to do Freestyle

We had lots of fun showing new people the game and hope to get some more pups playing.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Nail Trims

Last weekend we got up early and mom and dad took Tempie to stand in line at the grand opening sale of Pet Supplies Plus in Grove City. It was advertised that the first 50 neighbors in line would get a free $30 gift card. Got there about an hour before the doors opened, counted and were 46th in line, sweet we will get a gift card. Well, after everyone decided to jump in line by the time we got to the door they gave the person RIGHT IN FRONT of mom the last $50 gift card. Mom spoke to the manager and said she didn't feel it was fair that because people jumped in line her and the 4 others behind us were cheated the gift cards. Manager didn't see to care and basically said sorry about our luck. Mom decided to write a letter to Pet Supplies Plus corporate to let them know how disappointed she was with the situation. Mom explained that we have 7 animals in the home and spend lots of green papers on us each year. Pet Supplies Plus read mom's email and responded by saying that they were very sorry this happened. They are going to mail us a gift card for $30 and are also taking our suggestions and implanting a new "wristband policy" for all future grand openings. Mom loves when she receives good customer service and will now once again return to shopping at Pet Supplies Plus. We are happy to have a new pet store so close to the house. Now...what do I want to buy with the $30 gift card? Hmmm....

While we were there though they were doing free nail trims so had Bokeh and Tempest done. Tempie done excellent for having a stranger for the first time mess with her feet.

Waiting in line

 photo Tempie1_zps9c298165.jpg

Bokeh getting his pawdicure

 photo NailTrimPSP_zps0ac92c17.jpg

Tempest getting hers

 photo NailTrimPSP1_zpsef44ac2c.jpg

Saturday, March 23, 2013

New Ribbons

Dad finally stopped taking pics of the puppy and took a picture of me with my new MXJ title ribbons.

 photo JWB_3148-Edit-Blog_zpsea58ba11.jpg

I wanted to also thank everyone who has been keeping Starr in your thoughts. It seems the Prednisone is helping her. Mom hasn't seen her lose her balance since starting on the medication. The vet said that is good news and to keep to the plan of lowering the dose each week.

We also wanted to say how sorry we were to hear about the loss of one of our favorite friends, Eric the kitty. We will miss all the tree climbing and mouse hunting you do. I am sure his family and his brother Flynn miss him very much. Our hearts go out to all of them.

Friday, March 22, 2013

19 weeks

19 weeks, biggest change this week is her coat is getting much longer and wavy

 photo 19Weeks-Blog_zps104b9150.jpg18 weeks

 photo 18Weeks-Blog_zps15f5e212.jpg

17 weeks

 photo 17Weeks-Blog_zpsed59d6fd.jpg

16 weeks

 photo 16Weeks-Blog_zps34d76ace.jpg

15 weeks

 photo 15Weeks-Logo-Blog_zpse3a4f7c4.jpg

14 weeks.

 photo 14Weeks-Blog_zps4006e830.jpg 13 weeks

 photo 13Weeks-Blog_zpse0a94fd4.jpg

12 weeks

 photo 12Weeks-Blog_zps05f098f4.jpg

11 weeks

 photo 11Weeks-Blog_zps234f4d4c.jpg

10 weeks


9 weeks


Thursday, March 21, 2013

Exercise? What?

My chiropractor recommended to the pawrents to get one of these balance disc. This is made special for dogs and is supposed to help get my back hip area back in shape again.

Guess who the first one on it was?

Yep....Mr. Showoff, Bokeh

 photo EJWB_3100_zps3ccb033c.jpg

He had to show he wasn't scared and got all 4 paws up on it and even sat on it even though it wobbles all around.

 photo EJWB_3098_zps3e29c5de.jpg

Then it was my turn, I would only put two paws on it though

 photo EJWB_3104_zpsfac4ce94.jpg

and down to NO paws...haha, Tempest was a chicken and didn't want to touch it

 photo EJWB_3101_zpsa3ba3527.jpg

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

New collar

Someone got a big girl collar

 photo EJWB_3075_zpsc5597601.jpg

Monday, March 18, 2013


This past Thursday evening mom noticed that my sister Starr would be standing there and then almost fall over. Mom called our vet the minute they opened on Friday and mom took her to the vet. We didn't get great news. The vet put Starr's feet in different positions and a normal dog would move them back but Starr was very slow to move them. The vet feels that something neurological is going on. He told mom if she saw a neurologist we would be looking at over $1,000 in testing. Mom was so upset as we just don't have that kind of money. The vet offered another option of putting Starr on prednisone to see if that tells anything. Mom got Starr's pills and we started her on them yesterday. We haven't seen her fall over since she started the meds. Dad is calling the vet with an update today to see what he says. We sure would appreciate all prayers, good vibes, etc. Mom has been a COMPLETE mess since Friday.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Two On Two Off

Tempest has started working on the "Two On Two Off" board for agility training. This is just a small board and the object is to get the dog used to putting their two back feet on the board for when they come down a contact they stop with 2 feet off the board and two feet on.

Checking out the board for the first time

 photo 20201_zps96fab7e2.jpg And the object is to reward when she is in this position

 photo 2O2O_zps2ddae2c5.jpg

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Fenris is the best

Fenris is so sweet. This year for Valentine's day he sent me this squeaky heart. He knows that I just love squeaky toys and he sent a note with a card as well. So sorry it took me so long to post this. But as you can tell I LOVE my new squeaky toy.

 photo JWB_2950-Blog_zps54c7c9cb.jpg

Friday, March 15, 2013

Agility Ability

Bokeh went out and did another disc dog demo for the Agility Ability kids. This is where autistic children learn how to teach the dogs to do agility. They just LOVE Bokeh and love throwing him the Frisbee.

Here is his demo:

and here are some of the kids throwing to him

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Week 18

18 weeks and we found her first tooth this week

 photo 18Weeks-Blog_zps15f5e212.jpg

17 weeks

 photo 17Weeks-Blog_zpsed59d6fd.jpg

16 weeks

 photo 16Weeks-Blog_zps34d76ace.jpg

15 weeks

 photo 15Weeks-Logo-Blog_zpse3a4f7c4.jpg

14 weeks.

 photo 14Weeks-Blog_zps4006e830.jpg 13 weeks

 photo 13Weeks-Blog_zpse0a94fd4.jpg

12 weeks

 photo 12Weeks-Blog_zps05f098f4.jpg

11 weeks

 photo 11Weeks-Blog_zps234f4d4c.jpg

10 weeks


9 weeks