Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Dublin Pet Fair

After we went swimming they went home to pick up Starr so we could go to the Dublin Pet Fair. They were doing free nail trims so we had to get our nails done. BOO!

There were vendors there

 photo E101_0822_zpsb1a5f95b.jpg

and lots of rescue groups (including the one I was adopted from)

 photo E101_0821_zps54694045.jpg

They had a police dog there doing demos

 photo E101_0826_zpsdb533b91.jpg

Hey! Look who is following us again, it is our friend Dougal! Isn't he cute?

 photo E101_0823_zps19f2df72.jpg

Momster tried to take a self pic with me but I kept looking at all the other doggies BOL, oops...sorry momster

 photo E101_0827_zpscf13edb2.jpg


  1. Wow, I see a COP dog, I see a COP dog, I see a COP dog!! Sorry, I got a little carried away. What a cool place and I love that last pix of your happy Mom!
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  2. Oh what fun...I love doggie events!

  3. Getting your claws trimmed is no fun, but at least you met your friend Dougal there.

  4. What a FABulous event!!! Ma LOVES the Police doggies! So brave and obedient! (yeah, yeah, so I need a little works on the 'obedient' side..geesh.)
    hey, I do that when Ma tries to take a pic of us!!! Or, I tackle her...I usually tackle her!! BOL
    Ruby ♥☺


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