Sunday, June 30, 2013

Barn Hunt Take 3

So this was my third time doing the barn hunting. This time they moved it outside and I must say that I was more interested in the smells of all the other dogs there than finding a silly rat.

Even when they showed it to me, I really didn't care like I did the first two times inside. Hm..

Maybe next time I will find the rat. :)

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Tempest Agility Class Week 1

So Tempest has started her agility career. She is in a puppy agility play group where she gets introduced to all the agility equipment in a fun and low setting so she can't get hurt.

Oh no! Look who is in her is her sister Jerica!

 photo EJWB_8507_zps384f4258.jpg

Her Jerica, lets switch owners

 photo EJWB_8508_zpsdc52d5b7.jpg

Did you say ball?

 photo EJWB_8509_zps7619803a.jpg

That is MY ball dad. I don't want to share with Jerica.

 photo EJWB_8510_zpsa967cd3f.jpg

 photo EJWB_8511_zpse3947957.jpg

First time doing the hoop

 photo EJWB_8515_zpscbd9d3f7.jpg

A Frame

 photo EJWB_8518_zps406200ae.jpg

Another cute puppy in the class

 photo EJWB_8520_zps4d1805a3.jpg

Small teeter

 photo EJWB_8523_zps708ab77b.jpg

Jerica doing the hoop the first time

 photo EJWB_8525_zps0dfcec70.jpg

Jerica on the A Frame

 photo EJWB_8526_zpseaafed65.jpg

Balance items

 photo EJWB_8527_zps6a253796.jpg

Such a good girl

 photo EJWB_8528_zps6b312e5b.jpg

Friday, June 28, 2013

Bitey Face Game

Bokeh, Tempie and me like to play the Bitey Face game

 photo 3play_zps0b113ad5.jpg

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Weimaraner Wednesday

It is almost time for Weim and Cheese! It is this coming Saturday. We would like to invite all of you to come. :)

 photo WampC_zps845e3898.jpg

Here are some more of the donations momster received

GoPro donated Hero 3 Silver Edition camera. They were SUPER nice and sent the donation right away

 photo GoPro_zps78daa9c2.jpg

Dropcam also donated a cam to our silent auction. Momster is enjoying Dropcam right now because a friend has Weim puppies that she can watch live

 photo dropcam_zps74102d7b.jpg

Hot Dog Junie's mom is a rep for Natural Balance. She sent us this great bag of goodies for the auction

 photo NaturalBalance_zps952fe5ce.jpg

One of mom's friends made these dog beds and donated. They are super cute.

 photo DogBeds_zps943df25e.jpg

Mom's cousin is an Avon rep and made up this cute basket. If you ever need any Avon please use Vikki Mayabb as the rep. She is great!

 photo Avon_zps86fe5551.jpg

Lupine sent this nice collar, leash and keychain set

 photo Lupine_zps0fb386ea.jpg

Mars Petcare (Pedigree) sent this wonderful basket. It is valued at $300 and includes a free year supply of dog food. They were also super nice to work with.

 photo Pedigree_zps51b1eaf9.jpg

Mom bought this pattern and one of her volunteers made this. Isn't is cute? It is a Weimaraner tissue box cover. Thank you Angie for making it.

 photo TissueBoxCover_zpsed6b19d3.jpg

Pet People donated this cute tote with goodies and a gift card in it

 photo PetPeople_zps318eb03b.jpg

Grayhart Weims a fellow blogger and good friend donated this print as well. Thank you!

 photo PollyannaPickeringbyLindaH_zps594f12ea.jpg

Half Price Books also donated a $15 gift card. These are just the things mom has been working. Many volunteers have been soliciting. Can't wait to see what all we can bid on. Yippe!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Cool bus

Look what we saw driving down the road the other day. BOL

 photo Bus_zpseb5e2031.jpg

Monday, June 24, 2013


MOL...I stole the blog for the day. I like to sit in the sink the rotten dogs can't get me up there. MOL ha ha Sagira I stole your blog. Love, Mystic  photo Mystic_zpsa6b94f98.jpg

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Bokeh's Aunt

We received a magazine in the mail and look who was on the back is Bokeh's Aunt Bella, how cool!

 photo Bella_zpsf1b25673.jpg

Friday, June 21, 2013

The goodies

Bokeh with all the goodies he won from the Disc Dog competition.

 photo eJWB_8557_zps84b031d9.jpg

For his first place toss and catch he got a Brilliant K9 Harness. We LOVE Brilliant K9. This one even has the name of our disc dog club embroidered on it.

 photo eJWB_8559_zpsa0ce5f07.jpg

and a cool medal

 photo eJWB_8563_zps15121dd7.jpg

He got second place in freestyle and ended up with this super cool Fleecy Paws leash with the club logo on it

 photo eJWB_8560_zpsc201b449.jpg

and a trophy

 photo EJWB_8562_zpsdfea801c.jpg

Tempest didn't come home with any goodies but she played her heart out. We are proud of both of them.

Eat Her!

Tempest insists on sticking her head in Bokeh's mouth all the time. We finally figured out WHY. We were at the training club and Tempie's mom was there with 2 of her sisters. We saw Lucy (her mom) do this to one of the pups left. Silly puppy.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Locked Out or Locked in???

So last Saturday mom decided to drive all the way to Lake Erie to spend the day with her mom. So while she was gone dadster decided to go out back and pick up dog poo and pull the weeds. Well, he left Starr inside since she isn't a fan of the heat and took me, Bokeh and Tempest out back. He played some frisbee and ball with us in between his duties. Well, he went to get back in the house and Starr must have knocked the door stopper inside the door to stop it from opening. Dadster didn't have any keys on him. Luckily mom was close to home BUT guess what, she left her keys to the house home because she knew dad would be there to unlock the door when she got home. So.....we remembered our good friend Lynn had a key to our home. Well, Lynn was out of town, but luckily she got her neighbor to go in her house and get our key so we could get back in. What a crazy day! Starr was barking like crazy wanting out, we wanted in. If only we taught Starr how to open the door. BOL

 photo LockedOut_zps4b26f44c.jpg

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Tempest turn

Tempest turn to show off her disc doggin moves. This is her doing her toss and catch in Intermediate division. She didn't get a placement but she played her heart out. She is going to be amazing once her and dadster get their timing down.

Tempest actually earned her first title on Sunday. She earned her DQ-Bullseye Advanced title. Here is a video of her in action. During this game dad has to stand in the middle of the bullseye and then you earn points for the farther out the dog catches them. Tempest landed all of hers in the higher point zone. There were over 20 dogs competiting in this and Tempest came in 4th place. Not bad at all for a seven month old puppy! We had so many people come up and tell us how great Tempest is and they look forward to watching her learn and improve as she gets older.

and here is Bokeh doing his Bullseye

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Fromm Treats

This is part 2 of the review. Bokeh eats Fromm food so when we were given the opportunity to review the new treats we were all over it. sent the package to us very quickly. The flavor they sent us to try is Cheese Recipe. These treats are manufactured in the USA (good thing there have been so many reports of foods coming in from China). The treats are a nice size and crunchy like a cracker. They are made with fresh cheese. Did you say cheese? Yes please! The ingredients include: wheat flour, cheese, salt, brewers dried yeast and garlic powder (I heard that helps keep the fleas away, so can I have a few extra treats mom?)

Me posing with the bag of treats. Hurry up dad so we can try these out!

 photo EFJWB_8577_zps1f2b1bdd.jpg

Up close of the bag. We think the bag is very nicely designed. Not too busy and easy to read. They kept it simple and to the point and made it very easy to read the ingredients, etc.

 photo EFJWB_8571_zps804261ea.jpg

Picture of the treat

 photo EFJWB_8580_zpsfb898174.jpg

All of us sitting nicely so dadster will hurry up and pass out the treats

 photo EFJWB_8582_zps556b213e.jpg

Bokeh wanted to do a trick to get his treat quicker, BOL

 photo EFJWB_8584_zps7826a06b.jpg

So to sum it up, we would purchase these again in the future. These would be treats that we can use for either training or as a reward for coming back in the house, we could keep some in the treat jar. Thank you for allowing us to sample these new yummy treats. last thing. Louisville Weimaraner Rescue will receive a $20 donation for any NEW customers making their first purchase if they just use this LINK HERE

Monday, June 17, 2013

Orijen Treats

So as you all know by now Tempest, Starr and I all eat Orijen. Tempest eats the Puppy and Starr and I eat the adult because we are big girls now. Anyhoo, our friends over at asked us if we would like to try the new Orijen treats so we of course barked YES YES YES! sent the package to us very quickly. The flavor they sent us to try is Ranch Raised Lamb. These treats (and our food) are manufactured in Canada. The treats are freeze dried. The ingredients are 100% lamb, boneless lamb, lamb liver and lamb tripe. The treats are soft and a nice size. Since we do so much agility and training we are super happy to hear that Orijen is now making treats so we can use these during our training. We are always looking for treats that are soft and easy to break up into smaller pieces during training.

Me posing with the bag of treats. Hurry up dad so we can try these out!

 photo EOJWB_8568_zpsfd6379d3.jpg

Up close of the bag. We think the bag is very nicely designed. Not too busy and easy to read. They kept it simple and to the point and made it very easy to read the ingredients, etc.

 photo EOJWB_8570_zps28326edd.jpg

Picture of the treat

 photo EOJWB_8572_zpsa48ca869.jpg

I was being silly and trying to smile at dad so he would give me my treat before Starr. Starr always gets hers first since she is the oldest in the house.

 photo EOJWB_8573_zps8fbee448.jpg

Starr the first to try them. She loved them.

 photo EOJWB_8574_zps9eacaa98.jpg

Bokeh's turn

 photo EOJWB_8575_zps1a4bcf44.jpg

Oh and for those worried about their figure, you will be happy to know they are only 5 calories per treat.

So to sum it up, we are very happy to hear Orijen is finally making treats. We will be buying these to use during our training in the future. Thank you for allowing us to sample these new yummy treats. last thing. Louisville Weimaraner Rescue will receive a $20 donation for any NEW customers making their first purchase if they just use this LINK HERE

Sunday, June 16, 2013

More Disc Doggin

Bokeh doing his Intermediate level toss and catch. He did awesome and came in first place!

and here is video of Bokeh doing his Intermediate level freestyle routine. He ended up coming in 2nd place (he lost to his cousin Bling!)

(for those that might want to see his cousin Bling's routine)

We had a great time. It was such a beautiful day!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Disc Doggin

So last weekend we went disc doggin in Troy, Ohio. Guess who showed up? Tempest sister, Jerica! It was her first ever disc event. Here is a video of Leila with Jerica for the FIRST time ever.

She did awesome and got 1st place in Junior handler division. So proud of Leila and Jerica. You go girls!

Video of her getting her award, she was so happy.

Friday, June 7, 2013


Last month we went to Dawe's Aboretum and Frankie and Ernie met us there. They brought us some more donations for mom's rescue (they are SO kind). We went there to take pictures for a friend for Mothers Day.

Quick photo op by the Japanese garden.

 photo EJWB_5387_zpsdaa5ebce.jpg

Mom with her friends and me with mine

 photo EJWB_5603-Edit_zps1f43811d.jpg

You ready to go home yet?

 photo EJWB_5689_zps2ed85747.jpg

Thursday, June 6, 2013


So....some of you may not know this but we used to foster dogs for a mixed breed rescue group. We have kind of gotten away from that since we currently have a full house of permanent residence. Anyhoo....we had a foster puppy named Barkley back in May 2010. You can see puppy pics and read about Barkley on our old post HERE.

Barkley got adopted by an author who lived in Massachusetts. When Barkley left for his new home momster cried a little more than normal because she thought she would never see him again. Well...guess what! They moved to COLUMBUS earlier this year. One of mom's good friends actually lives with Barkley and his family and she brought him to see us when she was having her photos taken for Mothers day. Momster was so happy to see Barkely again. He grew up to be so much bigger than mom though. He is so tall. He is such a good boy though.

Three years later I was reunited with my past foster brother.

 photo EJWB_5723_zps816cc61f.jpg