Friday, May 30, 2014

Lucky 13

I had another trial this past weekend. I am SO happy to report I got QQ # 13 (need 20 for my MACH) and another 22 MACH points (need 750 to MACH). I was in a great mood and had so much fun in my runs. The judge told dadster after our runs that we did great!

My Jumpers run was first. Less than 1/3 of the dogs in my class got a Q on this course and I actually earned 8th place, I was in the top 10!

This is my standard run, again not many dogs Q'd on this run either for some reason.

I also got a super nice new toy. I will have dadster take some pics of that as well.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Memorial Day Cookout

Bokeh here, I actually got to go on an adventure without the other 3 sisters. It was SO nice to get some time out without my pesky beautiful sisters.

This is mom's great niece Kena. She loves me and always runs to me and says BOKEHHHHHH when she sees me and it makes my butt wiggle.

 photo E101_1024_zpsa8c432cd.jpg

Had some guy time with dadster and great nephew Caleb throwing some discs.

 photo E101_1019_zpsb1ad826d.jpg

Went for a walk around the pond

 photo E101_1027_zps0df958b5.jpg

Barked dad into throwing me a ball and letting me jump in to cool off. Hello to my geese friends.

 photo E101_1028_zps93dcc423.jpg

First swim of the season

 photo E101_1031_zps3608b8ef.jpg

Was a great outing without the sisters. BOL

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Harness Hanger

Look what dad hung up for us, a new harness hanger. WHOO HOO! He also hung up a special gift that mom's friend Nicole made for us. Isn't is pretty?

 photo E101_1017_zps99bd0fc0.jpg

Monday, May 26, 2014

Happy Memorial Day

First and most important just wanted to say Happy Memorial day and THANK YOU to each and every person who serves our country.

Some of the sicky bugs have been going around our house. Tempest and Starr both have upset bellies and Starr has something wrong with her eye. Looks like we will be heading to the VET soon. So far Bokeh and I are staying strong and doing okay. Momster just hopes it is a tummy bug and will pass SOON!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Weimaraner Wednesday

Mom didn't like her plain old boring black strap on her purse so she asked a friend of hers who owns Zamora's Pet Accessories if she could create her a Weim strap and mom wear pink almost every day so this is what she received. Isn't it beautiful? Mom loves her new Weim purse.

 photo EJWB_4039_zps1e5f1975.jpg

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Trial this weekend

I had an agility trial this weekend. This is the very first trial ever that my mom has missed coming to. She was so sad but has a stomach bug or something and wasn't feel so hot and elected to stay home. This was a brand new place that dad and I went to. It was really nice but I was a little nervous being in a new place and not having mom there with us.

This is my standard run. I did great except dad didn't que me the right way over the backside of the jump and I went the wrong way over it. Oops! I tell dad all about it to during the run, BOL.

This is my JWW run. I got a Q but no MACH points this run. I got to pick a toy for my Q though and I picked a super squeaky one. I had to show it to mom as soon as I got home.

Monday, May 19, 2014

14 is a great number

Someone has a birthday today....

Someone is turning 14 today....

 photo JWB_5130-Edit-blog_zps859928b3.jpg

Happy birthday to our big sister, Starr. We love you!

 photo EJWB_2731_zps13e1b56d.jpg

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Shopping on Sunday

One of the out reach shelters that does low cost spay and neuters had a Barks and Crafts show. Tempest and I go to go with mom and dad to see what it was all about. It was fun they had a bunch of craft tables, treat tables (those were my favorite) and they raised lots of green papers to help take care of dogs and cats that are in need. Momster didn't get very many pictures because we were too busy shopping, BOL

 photo E101_0985_zpsebc79fa0.jpg

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Picking out a new bed

After agility run throughs we stopped at Petsmart to spend some of those gift cards Tempest and I won in the costume contest at the Columbus Pet Expo. Mom said this was a great time to try out new beds because both Tempest and I were tired.

Dad put some of the beds down for us to try out

 photo E101_0988_zps4dded9d5.jpg

How about a green one?

 photo E101_0997_zpsab588215.jpg

Tempest had a great idea of two beds. One on top of the other. Now that is super comfy.

 photo E101_0995_zpsa0dbc371.jpg

 photo E101_0994_zps860cd73d.jpg

Hey check this one out. You can crawl inside it and be covered up.

 photo E101_0992_zps8874332b.jpg

This one is like a mini sofa but a little too small, BOL

 photo E101_0990_zpsa541fda8.jpg

Maybe this one?

 photo E101_0988_zps4dded9d5.jpg

Oh this one is pretty

 photo E101_0998_zps2a7d3710.jpg

Yeah dad, I think THIS is the one.

 photo E101_0999_zps232e1b23.jpg

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Pet Expo Part 3

So on the second day of the Pet Expo Gail from Dynamo Dogs invited dad to actually PERFORM with Tempest during her show. Dadster was through the moon that he got invited to join the main attraction of the Pet Expo. Here is Tempest debut video for her first time every performing with the Dynamo Dog show.

We think Tempest and dadster did a great job considering they had no practice or routine and just went with it, BOL.

Bokeh got to go to the Expo Saturday and he did the agility show with them. Bok Bok didn't want to do his weave poles and told dad all about it during the show, BOL. My brother is such a clown.

Momster fell in love with one of Gail's dogs. This is Joker and his part of the show. He is such a goofy and fun boy.

After all the shows were over they held a costume contest again. This time Tempest went as a banana. She actually won 2nd place and got a $50 gift card to Petsmart, WHOO HOO!

Friday, May 9, 2014

Pet Expo Part 2

As we mentioned yesterday dad was hired to run the sound for the Dynamo Dog Show with Gail Mirabella. Dad's friend Matt (the frisbee guy) was invited to perform during the show and he got dad the "job" running sound.

Here is Matt and Bazooka. Bazooka is actually Bokeh's cousin. He has such famous relatives.

They also did agility shows. Here I am showing off my stuff for the crowd.

Tempest took her turn doing the agility thing and wow'd the crowd

After all the shows were done they held a costume contest. I dressed up as my favorite pirate and Tempest dressed up as a fairy princess. We didn't get any pics because both mom and dad had to go out to enter the contest. I won the contest and got a $75 gift card to Petsmart. Poor Tempest didn't get any votes at all hardly. :(

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Pet Expo

A few weekends ago there was a Pet Expo in Columbus. Mom's rescue, Louisville Weimaraner Rescue, had a booth and dad was asked to run the sound system in the main arena. On Friday our furiends Frankie, Ernie, their parents and Sarge's mom and dad came to the expo.

The boys made it very clear that they were very much in love with their ladies and not checking Tempest and I out, BOL

 photo E101_0976_zps45511bb8.jpg

Ran into some new friends along the way

 photo E101_0984_zps356a6d6e.jpg

Tempest and I got tattoos (don't worry they are not permanent)

 photo E101_0983_zps4a1b6307.jpg

 photo E101_0981_zpse172bfcf.jpg

We ran into this cool lil guy to, how cute is he?

 photo E101_0980_zpsc068b404.jpg

These are all the pictures we took because we were so busy we kind of forgot to take many more, BOL. But we have lots more to tell you and some videos to show you tomorrow.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Tempest Tuesday

Are you going to throw me one of those balls or what?!?!?!?!  photo Blog10329765_877981855559885_4533240232864568658_o_zps5a1740c3.jpg

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Momster and Me

Some of you have been asking how mom is feeling after her health scare. Well, I can tell you she is doing MUCH better and we appreciate all of you who have been asking about her. The pain in her leg where the blood clot was is now pain free. She is making better choices about eating her fruits and veggies and taking her meds. I love my mom!

 photo MeSagira_zpscce9b010.jpg