Monday, September 9, 2013

She's back!

After several months of being off of agility to rebuild her hip area Sagira is back and back with a BANG! Sagira's mom here (she is resting up after her return). Sagira had her first trial since she took a break to get some spinal adjustments and acupuncture treatments to help rebuild her hip area. Well, she came back with a bang that is for sure. Sagira did AMAZING her first run. She not only got a Q but got SECOND PLACE! Sagira loves agility but isn't as fast as all the border collies in her class. She has never received a placement (1st - 4th) since being in the excellent and master levels. Well, she broke that streak this past weekend. The agility gods were on our side and luckily she didn't get called for skipping a weave pole. We are SO very proud of our girl and still in shock over the 2nd place ribbon. For those that don't believe in chiropractors and acupuncture I will say here is your proof it works!

And here is video of her jumper run. Another Q and 5th place. This makes QQ #7 towards her MACH and 170 points (she needs 20 QQ and 750 points to earn her MACH).


  1. WE are so very much THRILLED that you are all better Sagira. We can't WAIT to see you in ACTION on SATURDAY.

  2. That is is wonderful Sagria!!!

  3. I somehow missed that Sagira had hip problems. I do too, so I can empathize with her. Congrats to Sagira on the second place win!


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