Saturday, August 31, 2013

Tempie's New Tag

 photo TAG_zps3b566413.jpg

BOL, we bought one for her sister Jerica as well. Now everyone wants one, I think we started something.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Dog Daze of Summer

Last Friday night Westerville, OH holds a Dog Daze of Summer event. They close down some of the roads and the dogs take over! It is a nice event and there are people there selling jewelry, crafts, food, all kinds of things. It was SO crowded this year that momster wasn't able to stop and taking many pictures because she would have held up people. BOL

 photo EDD101_0774_zpsa1cc5c98.jpg

Our friends that are part of the Golden Retriever Club of Columbus were there. Tempie got sniffed up and down by the Goldens. BOL

 photo EDD101_0771_zpsf23a6a9b.jpg

There were lots of cute doggies there like this one

 photo EDD101_0770_zpsf69e37c6.jpg

We got to watch the Otterbein College band

 photo EDD101_0767_zpse65d46bc.jpg

We also picked up some goodies along the way

 photo EDD101_0782_zpse2c16396.jpg

We had fun this night.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Wag! Fest

This last weekend they had a HUGE event here in Columbus called WAG! Fest. It is held at the metro park and is always VERY crowded. Last year they had over 12,000 people and 4,000 pups attend the event. Momster was asked to help our friends over at Brilliant K9 with their booth. Momster was SO busy helping at the booth she didn't even get to walk around Wag!

Guess who made the trip from Zanesville to attend Wag! It was my great friends Ernie and Frankie. Momster got to say hit them but only for like 87 seconds then she had to return to work. Frankie and Ernie had a great time and got a TON of freebies. You can read more about their adventure on their blog.

Tempest and dadster did disc shows with the Southern Ohio Flying K9's club. Here is Tempie showing people how to teach playing disc. Tempie is a great demo dog.

This is Bokeh's cousin, her name is Bazooka doing DAREDEVIL BAZOOKA at the Wag! demo. Isn't she pawsome? Dadster gave each kid that participated one of the Dogs Rule disc that has Bokeh and Bazooka's names on it.

These were the freebies that dad picked up when walking around.

 photo EW101_0783_zps9a11c9fa.jpg

Wednesday, August 28, 2013


What mom? We have to go to the vet to be tested for Heart worms? Bokeh and I don't want to go. Why doesn't Tempie and Starr have to go? This is no fair... no fair. What mom? We get to go to the store after and pick out some treats? Hmm....okay I guess we will go.

The vet called back today Bokeh and I don't have any icky worms and can continue on with our heart worm medications.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Tempest Tuesday

Tempie visting Lake Erie, she is turning into such a beautiful girl mom says.

 photo JWB_9941-Edit-Blog_zps45e86961.jpg

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3....

 photo E101_0637_zps15e8e788.jpg

Is this thing on? I was helping dadster play his online video games.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Sea Lion show at the fair

Dad said hey look, there is a sea lion over there. Mom thought he was joking

 photo E101_0671_zpsb902c67f.jpg

Nope, he wasn't joking. They had a Sea Lion show that was really neat to watch and learn about the Sea Lions. They had one Sea Lion that was retired and sleeping in the back that was 32 years old. That is almost as old as momster.

 photo E101_0674_zps7cf9b871.jpg

Moms loves dolphins and such and was super excited to see a swimming wildlife at the fair

 photo E101_0676_zpsc3f82914.jpg

These sea lions are super smart

 photo E101_0683_zps353cbadc.jpg

Here is a little video of part of the show. This made mom's day

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Ohio State Fair

While mom and dad were on vacation they decided to go to the Ohio State Fair. Normally Bokeh and I get to go because our training club puts on shows 2 days at the fair. This year they decided to give Bokeh and I a break and go to the fair by themselves so selfish of them

Here they are at the entrance of the fair

 photo E101_0651_zps938c13bc.jpg

They saw cool displays by children. This was a train track made of legos

 photo E101_0654_zpsffb1c036.jpg

Lambs were there, BHHHHAAAAAA

 photo E101_0656_zpsbd70be58.jpg

This is mom's favorite Golden Retriever ever. She belongs to our training club and was there doing demos

 photo E101_0660_zps90946746.jpg

They found a mini Bokeh while shopping

 photo E101_0662_zpse68c1aa2.jpg

Our club members are troopers doing demos in the rain (mom was happy she decided not to take us)

 photo E101_0663_zpsca784da2.jpg

Cows that are made of butter

 photo E101_0665_zps5ac9d779.jpg

This was all made of butter! Said it took them 240 hours to make this

 photo E101_0666_zpsf0256450.jpg

Dadster had to try some of the home made ice cream

 photo E101_0667_zpsb76c5763.jpg

Sand sculptures

 photo E101_0669_zps4ccfaa16.jpg

Then they headed to the nature area and there were people showing how to teach dogs to retrieve ducks and stuff.

 photo E101_0685_zpse5f5430c.jpg

 photo E101_0688_zps552960e5.jpg

and of course dad had to have his "fair food" this was a hamburger that had donuts instead of a bun

 photo E101_0696_zpse479b73d.jpg

It rained pretty much all day but they said they would go in the rain again because it was not crowded at all. :)

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Someone was in the Paper

Can you spot who was in the paper?

 photo SagiraPaper_zpse23346d8.jpg

ME! See me in my pirate costume? BOL

The lady who rescued me from the shelter (Lesley) sent mom a message on Facebook asking if that was me. Momster didn't even know I was in the paper. Lesley was nice enough to bring us the article over so we can keep it.

I'm famous, anyone want my pawtograph?

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Tempest Tuesday

Picture of Tempest from our visit to Lake Erie. She kept turning around to watch the boats and the waves, BOL

 photo JWB_9960-Edit-Blog_zps7bee2ac8.jpg

Monday, August 19, 2013

Paws in the Plaza Part 2

It is so pretty at Creekside, always places to take photos

 photo E101_0708_zps395db576.jpg

Tempest with her sparkly new name tag for her harness.

 photo E101_0709_zpsea0d1ed8.jpg

My turn, this how you do it Tempie!

 photo E101_0712_zps37bca095.jpg

Momster loves me

 photo E101_0713_zpsaa0e5b67.jpg

Dadster loves Tempie

 photo E101_0729_zps8d779edc.jpg

Pretty water falls

 photo E101_0719_zps553a67d2.jpg

 photo E101_0720_zpscf0980be.jpg

This is how you do it ladies :)

 photo E101_0724_zps201bd1ec.jpg

and of course we found this HUGE frog. I just had to take a picture for my dude, Norwood

 photo E101_0728_zps45c807fa.jpg

Another doggy have his photo taken as well

 photo E101_0730_zps64b05ea9.jpg

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Paws in The Plaza

Every first Thursday of the month (when it is nice out) they have something called Paws in the Plaza. They have different groups and vendors set up in the plaza along Creekside. The Thursday when we were on vacation Tempie and I got to attend. Tempie wished she would have stayed home because these people grabbed her and tore off her toenails, BOL. Tempest hates having her nails cut or dremmelled so when they were doing it for a donation momster was super happy to drop some green papers in the jar to have someone else do the dirty work.

 photo E101_0703_zps231935c3.jpg

After that tragedy was over for Tempest we could enjoy ourselves and watch all the views

 photo E101_0704_zpsf8b66fbf.jpg

Are we having fun yet?

 photo E101_0706_zps34f134f3.jpg

They had a pretty fountain

 photo E101_0714_zpsa718a0b1.jpg

 photo E101_0716_zpse316598f.jpg

Tempest was obsessed with the fountains

 photo E101_0718_zps52cf2068.jpg

Friday, August 16, 2013

Lighthouse Part 2

When we were having our photos taken as a group people were kind of crowding around and watching us have our photo shoot. This one family asked if their kids could jump in the photo so they could use it for the cover of their vacation book, BOL. Of course we said yes, but dadster didn't even think to take a photo of them with us on OUR camera, DUH! It was nice to hear from strangers how well behaved we are. We had them fooled, BOL

But here is the result of our photo shoot

The 3 Amigos

 photo JWB_9962-Edit-Blog_zps13550956.jpg

Tempest was being a stinker and kept wanting to watch the boats go past behind her

 photo JWB_9970-Edit-Blog_zpsa717eaf4.jpg

Thursday, August 15, 2013


Here are the rest of our Lighthouse pictures.

Me in my new harness

 photo JWB_0102-Edit-Blog_zps95154f01.jpg

Bokeh, he always looks cute

 photo JWB_0089-Edit-Blog_zps8cc6bb10.jpg

Tempest, this was her first time ever at the lighthouse

 photo JWB_0073-Edit-Blog_zps63740515.jpg

Grandma with her dog Hershey

 photo JWB_0055-Edit-New-Blog_zps779fd6d8.jpg

Cousin Hershey

 photo JWB_0042-Edit-Blog_zpsecb5b7a9.jpg

All of our tongues were out because it was HOT.