Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Ohio State Fair

This past Saturday our training club was invited to do a dog show at the Ohio State Fair. It was a beautiful day out. In the low 80's and breezy with some nice cloud cover. I had so much fun, I got to show my agility moves to the crowd and they loved it and cheered for me. It was pawsome! Dad hurt his ankle during the very first show (We had 3 that day) so he ran a little slower with me the rest of the day.

Remember how slow I used to be in the weaves? Watch how fast I rock them at the show. Also, when I go up on the A Frame I had to look over and smile at mom and make sure she was watching me (like she wouldn't, I am her baby girl)

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Weave Pole training Session 2

This is Bokeh's next step in his weave pole training. I think he is picking it up pretty fast.

Oh...I guess I should also say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my momster.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Weave Pole Training Session 1

So Bokeh is kind of slow and not sure of his weave poles. Mom and dad have decided to try to the "2 x 2" method of training by Susan Garrett. Each session should only be about 90 second long. His is Bokeh and dad on their first session of learning the 2 x 2 method.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Fun on a Friday

One of my favorite things EVER EVER EVER is to play in the hose. If there was a competition for chasing the hose water I would win!

Bokeh and I are going to be performing Saturday at the Ohio State Fair. If any of our Columbus blog pals are coming to the fair check out one of our shows, (11 am, 2 pm and 5 pm).

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Weimaraner Wednesday

I know, I know...what has taken so long to give an update on how Weim and Cheese went, right? Well....we are catching up on things now. We will start by saying THANK YOU to each and everyone of our friends who donated items to the event. The rescue ended up raising $14,000. I know that sounds like a lot of money but just last year we spent $13,000 just on boarding. We rely on donations and our adoption fees to keep the rescue running.

Mom had so much fun bidding on all the silent auction items. They even got ONE bid in on of the live auctions for a William Wegman signed print. Mom laughed and knew she would never win it but at least she got to hold up her paddle at least once. Nice try momster.

This was the great program that was put together. Mom's name was in the thank you section for her help with the rescue to. :)


Dad won a green I-Pod Nano (thanks to all who donated their Coke caps for the year, mom ended up cashing in for 2 I-Pod Nanos, an I-Pod touch and some other Coke items).


Mom won a really cool Wegman bag, pillow, autographed William Wegman magazine and a Colley's collar (she only really wanted the collar, haha).


Mom couldn't afford one of the big Wegman prints in the auction so she won this baby Wegman. Maybe one year we can get a real Wegman. BOL


She won this HUGE bag filled with goodies to


Then mom got this great idea, that the bag was big enough "I bet Sagira would fit in it".

Yep mom, you're funny...I fit in the bag


Mom also got a t-shirt for helping them run Weim and Cheese. Aren't these cool?


More pics coming from Weim and Cheese soon. :)

Monday, July 23, 2012

Agility Ability

Bokeh is part of something called Agility Ability. He is a therapy dog and goes and works with Autistic children. They teach him how to do agility and stuff. Well at the end of each session Bokeh does a disc demo and lets the kids throw the disc to him. He LOVES it and loves kids.

Bokeh doing his demo to start

Here is a video of some of the kids throwing him discs

This is Jackson throwing him the disc, great job Jackson!

Photo of all the Agility Ability handlers and pups


Sunday, July 22, 2012

Finally cooling off

Yesterday it finally cooled off for a bit. Mom and dad left with Starr. I guess they took her to the V-E-T. Starr gets so scared going there she shakes like a leaf. Anyhoo...they just had to have her blood work rechecked. She has bad arthritis and they wanted to retest her blood work to see if they can give her a stronger drug. Her liver enzymes are still elevated so they don't feel comfortable putting her on a stronger medication right now. They are leaving her on her pain pills and said that they can do an ultrasound of her liver to see what is going on. Mom also bought Starr a BIG jar of some kind of soft chews that are all natural and supposed to help with the joints as well. Kind of like the Glucosamine pills but these are supposed to be a bit stronger and better.

After all of that mom and dad came home and packed up Bokeh and I. They took us to the park to let Bokeh practice some of his distance throws. He did really good at practice today. I even got to play disc with mom. I like to play with mom. :)

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Meet my new friend

As I posted earlier my good pal, Granger, passed away at only 4 years young. His mom was heart broken and the house was too quite with her G-Man...so she contacted a nice guy in Missouri and a few weeks later our new friend DOUGAL arrived!

This is the video of the first time I got to meet my new friend Dougal. Isn't he cute? He is a Corgi.

After we met him we got to go to his house and play with him in his backyard. It was a lot of fun. I see a lot more play dates with my new friend in the future.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Class 2

Bokeh attended his second class in his Advanced Weave Poles and Contacts at IncrediPaws. The class was a good one. Dadster learned some new ways to help get Bokeh moving. Bokeh did much better on his weave poles this class. Our nice friend Sharon (Bling's mom) let dad borrow a DVD from Susan Garrett on how to teach 2 x 2 Weave training and also let us borrow some weave poles to. Anxious to see if this helps Bokeh speed up at all.

Jenn also showed us this cool machine called a Manners Minder. It is a remote control treat dispenser. I sure hope mom and dad buy us one of these. Would be cool to have them just hit a button to give us a treat. :)

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

14 years ago

14 years ago (when mom and dad were much younger and thinner, BOL) they were becoming husband and wife. Photobucket

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Picnic with the Pups

This past Saturday we went to CHA Animal Shelter for their annual Picnic with the Pups. It is always a great event and lots of fun.

We started out our journey by picking up mom's four great nieces.


They had fun because they had a place there where you can make your own snow cones.

There were a lot of vendors there



and lots of people and pups


They had pools for us pups to soak in that had some cool ice in them for us.


I was cracking mom up because I was digging in all the ice and then just laid down in it, ahh...that felt SO good.


Our training club was there to so Bokeh and I did our agility demos. Here is a video of Bokeh doing his thing.

and me doing mine

We actually got to meet the mom of the blog Random Felines. She heard dad call Bokeh and knew it was us. BOL. She was very nice and it is always fun meeting others from Columbus that have blogs on here as well. If you don't already know their blog, please stop over there and tell them Sagira sent ya. :)

Mom's favorite part of the day was when dad said to mom "Hey, isn't that Christmas". Well if you don't remember mom had a foster puppy named Hailey. If you don't remember her you can read about her here. She was adopted out back in 2009 and I don't think we have seen her since. Mom ran over and sure it enough it was my previous foster who is now called Christmas. Mom was SOOOO happy to see her. It always means so much to see our fosters doing well and happy. This poor girl came from a bad shelter that was going to euthanize her and mom just couldn't have that so we drove over an hour to pick her up and get her adopted. Good thing we did because she is really enjoying life now. She is all grown up and such a beautiful girl now.


That was fun huh Bokeh? We can't wait for next years event.


Monday, July 16, 2012

Sprinkle's Dog Swap

So we joined in Sprinkle's dog swap this year. Our partner was Higgins. We had a lot of fun shopping for Higgins and crew but it was even more fun opening our box of goodies. Here is a video showing all the goodies we received. Thank you so much to Sprinkle's for hosting this fun event (sorry we were so late in posting our video).

Fun fact of the day...mom and dadster became boyfriend and girlfriend 15 years ago today. BOL

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Happy Sunday

Happy Sunday to all of my friends. We were supposed to go to an agility run through this morning but mom and dad decided to just sleep in for once and enjoy the day. So us pups got to sleep in to.

Yesterday was so much fun at Picnic with the Pups, I can't wait to tell you all about it and who we ran into.

Bokeh started a new class out at IncrediPaws with Jennifer Crank as his instructor. He is now in Advanced Contacts and Weaves. The first exercise they did was to have the dogs go on the dog walk and "Hit It" on the yellow part coming down. Sounds easy enough right? Well the catch was that the handlers (dad) had to keep moving when he gave Bokeh the hit it command and then EXIT THE BUILDING! Bokeh was such a good boy though, he hit his marked and stayed put with his 2 back feet on and 2 front feet off until dad returned and gave him his release word. Mom never though Bokeh would let dad leave the building without him but he did. This is going to be a great class for Bokeh and we can hopefully get his weave poles built up.

We also got to open our box from Higgins for the Dog Swap, mom is helping upload the video now and we will be posting that this week. :)

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Busy Day Today

Wow, we are having a busy day today. Started out by waking up early and going to Agiltiy Ability (if you check out their new website, dad took the photo on the front cover). I actually got to go with Bokeh because we were going shopping for our friend Razzle after Agility Ability.

Bokeh had fun showing off his frisbee moves for the kids and letting the kids throw the frisbee to him. Dadster volunteered to take new photos of all the dog and handler teams for their new website as well.

After we finished all of that up we headed over to Mutts and Co's new New Albany, Ohio location. It is really cool when you walk in the floor looks like grass and it is a lot bigger than the Dublin location. We were hoping to see Bokeh or I on the designs but they still haven't put up the new pictures yet. But we had fun sniffing around and looking for some goodies for our friend Razzle (we got some goodies for us to).

We are home now taking a snooze for a few and then mom said in a few hours we get to head out to CHA's Picnic with the Pups. It is a lot of fun and they have rescue groups and all kinds of adoptable dogs to help raise money for the shelter.

Hope all my blog friends are having a great weekend!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Soy Beans anyone?

This weekend in the HOT HOT weather (it was 101 here Saturday with a heat index of 107) they decided to have a disc dog event. They left me and Starr here in the nice air conditioned house (lucky us). Bokeh, mom and dad went to sweat their booties off (they were very careful not to over heat, they had generators going with fans, LOTs of water, shade, etc). I guess on Sunday Bokeh did the funniest thing, he went to chase a disc and chased it right into the soy bean field (you can thank dad for his awful throw into the field, BOL). The video is Bark out Loud (BOL) funny. Mom says all you see is Bokeh dive right into the field after it, he does and butt over head flip, then pops his head up like a little gopher. Mom and dad are still laughing about it and everyone was calling Bokeh to come back.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Skyhoundz Event

July 4th was the Skyhoundz event in Dublin, Ohio. They do this every year before the fireworks. This year had a large crowd because Joe Walsh from the Eagles was putting on a free concert as well. It was also about 100 degrees this day so we arrived a little later so we wouldn't be in the heat all day. Bokeh had a decent first round, he scored 8 points (leader of round 1 had 11 points). Bokeh had an AWESOME second round, he scored 12 points and him and Bazooka tied for top score per round. Overall when adding the Round 1 and Round 2 scores Bokeh came in....drum roll please..... SECOND place. Can you believe it? He only missed first place to a dog name Dugan by 1/2 a point. This is Bokeh's first time getting in the Top 3 against people who are in the professional divisions. So out of 21 dogs, Bokeh was 2nd place. Mom and dad are so proud of him.

Here are his videos (if you're only going to watch one, watch round 2 it is great and you can hear the crowd cheering. I think in round 1 video you can see the news station arrive and record him to).

Here is his Round 2 video

Dad and Bokeh with their trophy


Sunday, July 8, 2012

My first Disc Dog event

So I told you yesterday that dad decided to enter me in this disc dog competition. I have been playing more with dad in the backyard and he just wanted to see how I would do since this event was free. Well...I didn't catch any but I at least ran out after a few in front of all those people. Mom and dad were very proud of me.

Sorry video is shaky, mom was trying to keep Bokeh from barking and record at the same time. As you will hear she didn't do a good job. BOL

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Someone was on TV?????

So on July 4th we went to Dublin Coffman Highschool for the Skyhoundz Disc Dog competition. Dad actually decided to enter me (yes me, Sagira) in the contest since it didn't cost anything to see if I would play. I will tell you more about that adventure tomorrow. But for now, I wanted to tell you that my brother Bokeh made the local 11:00 news. His 5 minutes seconds of fame. He was caught on camera being naughty and barking at dadster telling him to throw the darn disc already and then he runs around dad and after his disc. Yep....he is famous now. Anyone want his pawtograph?

(sorry video isn't the best we just recorded with our camcorder from the TV, LOL)

Friday, July 6, 2012

Dad's new plate

Dad ordered a new license plate for his car... like it?


Thursday, July 5, 2012

Phew...it is hot

Before all this heat set in we had a playdate with our friends Bella and Bazooka at the park (other frisbee dogs). When we go there humans were playing Ultimate Frisbee on the fields. Mom was like oh great the dogs are going to go after those discs, haha.

You can see the humans way back there playing


While Bokeh played frisbee with Bella and Bazooka, Starr and I got to sniff around.


Mom actually talked Starr into posing for a picture


We love our playdates at the park. :)

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Weimaraner Wednesday

Bad, bad, bad momster. My sister Starr was born May 19, 2000. That means that mom was so busy she didn't even realize we didn't celebrate Starr's 12th birthday. We made it up to her though by making her wear this silly hat


ha ha Starr you have to wear a silly hat


and we gave her some special treats and lovings.

Hard to believe she grew from this little all ears puppy. :)


Happy belated Starr! We love you bunches.

Happy 4th of July and thank you to all the men, woman and pups who serve our country.

Bokeh has a Skyhoundz disc dog event today. Lets hope he does well. :)

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Happy Belated Birthday Grandma

Last Friday was Grandma's birthday. We went to her lake up by Lake Erie to celebrate with her. Got to see cousin Hershey as well.


A major storm hit Columbus (where we live) while we were gone. A lot of our friends lost power. We had a fun time just trying to get home. We had to keep switching routes because there were a lot of power lines across the roads we needed to travel on. Sure hope all of our friends are okay and safe from the bad storms.

Monday, July 2, 2012

I have a new cousin

Mom and dad told me that I have a new cousin. Her names is Skittles and she is a 9 week old husky puppy.

Mom grabbed her as soon as she saw her (mom has major puppy fever right now).


Skittles didn't come from a good place though. When our uncle went to get her she was in a small cage that was covered in fecal matter and dirty water. Poor baby. They sold her for $100 because they wanted her "gone" so they could have another litter. Bad breeders like this shouldn't be allowed. At least she is out of there now and will be well cared for. I just feel sorry for the next litter and the litter after that, etc. It just breaks our hearts.

Doesn't she remind you of someone...hmm... Lightning over at the OP Pack?


She wanted to check me out


I told her I would show her the ropes and to just hang by me


Coming to get you!


Maybe if I hide under here nobody will see me?


Sunday, July 1, 2012


My friend Granger who was only 4 went to the Rainbow bridge way too earlier. Mom and some others from our training club decided to have a painting made and frame it for Granger's mom so she will always have him with her in her living room. Didn't it turn out beautiful?