Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Bokeh's new hardware

Each year our training club has an awards banquet. This year dadster went and received a new plaque for Bokeh with his two agility titles earned on it from the past year. He also received two more of my titles to hang on my plaque that I already had. We are running out of walls to hang all these cool things! BOL

 photo EJWB_2783_zps0dd7c1f1.jpg

Monday, March 17, 2014

Wag Pack #3

We received our third and Wag Pack in the mail. We are really loving these. It is like a grab box of goodies each month. This month we got some really cool poop bags. The bags are actually safe for the environment and can even be flushed down the toilet, how cool is that? We received some more yummy treats. The peanut butter ones are a harder type treat so those got put in our cookie jar for when we come back in from going potty. The treat sticks are softer and we get to use those during our training. And of course our favorite is the squeaky toy. We LOVE squeaky toys.

Video of us opening the box, fun times!

Here is how the box comes when you receive it. Always wrapped so nicely.

 photo EJWB_2785_zpsda66bf3b.jpg

A peek inside before we open it

 photo EJWB_2787_zps0390e02b.jpg

For more information about Wag Pack and to order your own check out their website HERE. Don't forget you get to choose a charity to donate part of the sale to. If you need a charity we highly recommend Louisville Weimaraner Rescue. :)

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Momster scared us

Momster hasn't been feeling well she kept complaining of an ouchie leg and having a hard time breathing right. She went to the doctor for her ouchie leg (before the hard breathing) and they felt she just strained it. This past week the pain moved up her leg a little higher and she got concerned and went back to the doctor. The doctor wanted mom to go straight to the ER to check for a blood clot but momster being stubborn wanted to wait until the next day when they could schedule the tests. So...she waited and went in by herself for the test because she really thought it was nothing. They did the first test on her leg and found a blood clot behind her knee. So they tossed her in a wheelchair and wheeled her to the emergency room. The doctor came in and felt based on mom's symptoms she might have a blood clot in her lung as well. So they sent her for a CAT scan (BOL...CAT scan) and unfortunately found FIVE more clots in her lungs. The ER doctor told mom that she is one lucky girl as this can more often end up being fatal. Momster started to cry and was pretty scared finding out all this news by herself. The CAT scan made her sick and she had an allergic reaction to the dye. The doctor's ran and put Benedryl in her IV immediately when she started to swell up. They wanted to admit her to the hospital for observation for the evening. Momster had a bad evening and couldn't sleep and just wanted to get back home. Momster is now back home with us where she belongs and is feeling better each day. The new medication is making momster a bit sick to her tummy though. Just want to say be thankful for each and every momster you have with your humans...you just never know what tomorrow brings.

Friday, March 14, 2014

The secret life of an agility star

Shh...this is what happens in the downtime at an agility show. BOL

Such a hard life I lead...

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Day 2 of the Trial

No Qs for me this time around but sure did have fun. In my Standard run I didn't finish my weave poles and then broke the tire so no Q, but I was having a great time on my second day at the trial.

Here is my JWW run. I messed up because I was too busy looking to make sure mom was getting me on camera, oops! A girl can make a mistake from time to time, BOL

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Trial Day 1

This past weekend we headed to Zanesville for another agility trial. On Saturday I did really good. I qualified in both my Standard and JWW runs so that means I am now officially 1/2 way to my MACH title with 10 QQ's. I also earned 12 MACH points on my STD run and 8 points on my JWW run for a total of 20 more MACH points. I now have 265 total (need 750 to get MACH).

Here is my standard run:

and here is my JWW run:

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Tempest Tuesday

Oh boy! Do I have a day to tell you about. Yesterday dad got up super early (like 6:00 am) and took me to our training club. The news channel was coming to our training club to do a segment. They were there from 7 am until 10 am and we did little pop in segments all throughout the morning show.

 photo ENewsVan_zpscece4d91.jpg

If you would like to watch the segment you can view it on Fox 28's page HERE. I am in the very first segment (on the left) but the one that I really get showcased on is the last segment about 10 minutes in.

Here I am being my normal self trying to give out LOTS of kisses. I was trying to kiss Dana Turtle the reporter for WSYX 6. BOL

 photo DanaTurtle1_zps7201804b.jpg

Dana Turtle thought it was hilarious that dad wrote CATCH ME on the bottom of my Frisbees like I don't know what I am doing. He actually tweeted this photo out to all of his thousands of his followers. BOL. Photo courtesy of Dana Turtle.

 photo TempestwithDanaTurtle_zps6406f46c.jpg

Being on the news was cool. Dana liked me so much he asked if he could record a special segment with me for the weekend news on the big Channel 6 station. WHOO HOO.

Anyone want my pawtograph now???

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Weimaraner Wednesday

As most of you know momster volunteers a lot of her time to Louisville Weimaraner Rescue. They host one annual fundraiser each year and try to get LOTS of donations. Check out this super cool Weim bracelet that mom's friend donated to the auction. Isn't it cute? Mom loved it so much she already ordered one from Renee for herself.

 photo EJWB_2635_zps8dcaa9a9.jpg

If anyone would like to donate any new items to the event, please contact mom at CB @ Louisvilleweimrescue DOT com. We sure would appreciate it.

Also, Starr had to go to the VET. The lump she had removed on her gumlin last year has returned and was looking pretty bad. The vet assured mom it still looks like a benign growth. He thinks it had some trauma like Starr's food poked it or something happened to cause it to get irritated. He has put her on an antibiotic to help her feel better. The bump is already starting to look better.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Chewy again

So we not only do review for Chewy but we use them for our own personal orders. That tells you how much we truly love them and their customer service. The other day the UPS man brought all these boxes to our house.

 photo EJWB_2736_zpsbbc93510.jpg

Starr had to go and investigate them. We got a slow feed bowl for Tempest because she likes to gobble down her food now. She went from one extreme (not wanting to eat) to now eating way too fast and some ear cleaner stuff for Starr.

 photo EJWB_2743_zps1b0f1237.jpg

We got a new water container since our last one broke. This one is HUGE and holds 5 gallons of water. That is what you need when you have 4 dogs and 3 cats in your house, BOL

 photo EJWB_2749_zps82fd0873.jpg

Momster also ordered a super huge pooper scooper. With all this snow there is a lot of poop out there so she needed something that could really get the job done. I think this should take care of that, BOL

 photo EJWB_2754_zps1013b6ee.jpg

and last but not least Grandma ordered a gate for her new apartment to help with Hershey. Best thing is she will have $20 donated to mom's rescue because this is her first purchase from Chewy. We love them!

 photo EJWB_2757_zps3d9486fa.jpg

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Chewy Time!

It's that time again. Our great friends over at Chewy asked us to do another review. This time it is for Canidae TidNips.

 photo EJWB_2767_zpsf8a8dbe6.jpg

Here are all the little details that the HUMANS always worry about. I say if they taste good they are okay for me, BOL

 photo EJWB_2771_zps84fd369a.jpg

The treats are a softer treat and look like this when you pull them out of the package.

 photo EJWB_2775_zps28173719.jpg

Dadster likes treats like this because they are super easy to tear apart into smaller treats to use for our agility training (and they taste good).

Starr always gets to taste the treats first because she is the oldest

 photo EJWB_2776_zps247fc0b6.jpg

After Starr approved it was my turn. Look how big my eyes are, I LOVE getting new treats

 photo EJWB_2778_zps27f941b3.jpg

After me was Bokeh but you will not see a picture of Bokeh because he gobbled his down too fast and dad didn't get a photo, BOL

Up next was Tempest. She really enjoyed her treat to.

 photo EJWB_2779_zps62225843.jpg

In review we would purchase these again in the future. They are a nice size and they are soft enough to break up into smaller pieces for all of our agility training.

Oh...one last thing. Louisville Weimaraner Rescue will receive a $20 donation for any NEW customers at Chewy.com making their first purchase if they just use this LINK HERE

In exchange for our review we did receive a free bag of treats to try

You can also enter Chewy's monthly give away here: