Saturday, September 28, 2013

Mars Adoption on the Lawn

We live near the plant that makes Pedigree dog food. Each year they host an annual "Adoption on the Lawn" event. This year they found homes for almost 100 animals. They open it up to the public and invite a bunch of rescue groups to bring their adoptable dogs. They have free lunch for everyone and give out TONS of samples. It is a great time. This year our disc dog club was invited to perform for the people in attendance.

Here is a little video of Bokeh showing everyone how to teach a pup to play disc

and this is Daredevil Bazooka during the show (the little girl at the end is momster's niece, isn't she cute?)

These are the samples we brought home. What we don't use we donate to the local Humane Society

 photo E0915131816a_zps78fe3895.jpg

 photo E0915131816b_zps5f7682c0.jpg


  1. It's so cool to watch Bokeh, he is full of energy! Wish I could play with him :o)

  2. WOW !! 100 happy HOMES. and YES she IS a cutie.

    You got TONS of Loot.

  3. You got lots of great samples. I see there are kitty samples there as well. Looks like everyone was having a good time.

  4. Gee, adoptions and food sounds like a terrific event!

  5. We love when businesses give back to the community! 100 pups in new forever homes is awesome! Sounds like a great event!


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