Tuesday, March 10, 2015

IncrediPaws Trial Sunday

Here is Tempie's JWW run from Sunday. No Q because she did a few things wrong and dropped a bar but she had fun

Here is Tempie's Standard run where she earned her first Open Q and another first place ribbon

Here is my standard run where I got another Q and 18 more MACH points

Dadster is having knee surgery on the 12th. Please keep him in your thoughts.

Monday, March 9, 2015

IncrediPaws Trial Saturday

We had an agility trial at the place where Tempie trains. It was a lot of fun. Here is my Standard run. I got a Q and 18 more MACH points (this was before I earned my MACH).

Here is Tempie's Standard run where she earned her novice title

Here is Tempie's run where dadster got whistled off for "training in the ring". Which he wasn't doing, Tempest took the wrong jump. But oh well...was fun while it lasted.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Puppies part 2

Tempest introducing herself to all her new brothers and sisters

 photo EJWB_0712_zpsvgdyul4f.jpg

She was SO good with the puppies. She really like the white ones and wanted to bring one home. BOL

 photo EJWB_0713_zpstznrle15.jpg

How cute is that little pink tongue?

 photo EJWB_0715_zpscerom192.jpg

 photo EJWB_0720_zps8gdu2hnu.jpg

This is Tempie's mom Lucy checking in to see what they were doing to her puppies.

 photo EJWB_0817_zps3so2jiq7.jpg

This is momster with Echo. She was the only little red girl in the litter (just like Tempie from the first litter). The breeder decided to keep the little red girl this time and named her Echo hoping she would be like Tempest.

 photo Puppy_zps8lk07fpo.jpg

Saturday, March 7, 2015


Tempest has some new brothers and sisters. Mom and dad took Tempie out to meet them before they all went to their new forever homes.

These are some of the nice shots that dadster edited

 photo EJWB_0727_edited_zpsoi8brg2w.jpg

Yes, they came home with just Tempie don't worry, BOL

 photo EJWB_0745_edited_zpsl3grgjxq.jpg

 photo EJWB_0771_edited_zpssvh86chs.jpg

Oops..someone got muddy

 photo EJWB_0779_edited_zpsdlkbytt7.jpg

Fun in the basket

 photo EJWB_0843_edited_zpsipnh2irn.jpg

 photo EJWB_0858_edited_zpsjmnxax84.jpg

Hey! Let me out of this thing!

 photo EJWB_0861_edited_zps7ftiavz5.jpg

 photo EJWB_0878_edited_zpsynzkbtyl.jpg

Friday, March 6, 2015

Satrudays Runs

Realized we jumped right to the MACH and forgot to post the runs from the Saturday before.

Here is Tempie's JWW run. Made a few mistakes so no Q but she had fun

Here is my run from Saturday where I earned another 18 MACH points.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Tempest first open Q in JWW

On the same day I earned my MACH my little sister Tempest earned her first Q in Open JWW. She has been trying and trying to get a Q and finally did it. Check out how FAST Tempie is. She did her run in just 23 seconds and got first place!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Photos with the judge and more

Just after my run, look how happy I am!

 photo Eafter1_zpskmow3rcq.jpg

Photo of us with the judge and the number 1 showing this was my first MACH

 photo Esagirajudge_zpsgnr35k4w.jpg

 photo Esagirajudge1_zpstu8npiqj.jpg

Photo at the last jump

 photo ESagiraJeremyinfrontofjump_zpsmidbcjlj.jpg

Both dad and I are getting bored with all the photos, BOL

 photo Eafter3_zpsqocgfwzb.jpg

This is MY favorite part of the MACH deal. We made a special trip to McDonalds and Tempie and I got to share our very own McDouble. YUMMY!

 photo Ehamburger_zpsd0fx7jxg.jpg

 photo Ehamburger1_zps1cmhm9i8.jpg

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Victory lap

Here are some photos captured from our victory lap during the MACH run

 photo Evictorylap4_zps32gzbd2k.jpg

This is a day we will never forget

 photo Evictorylap2_zps6ucldjgp.jpg

We did it!

 photo Ecelebration_zpsyu8fflzv.jpg

 photo Evictorylap3_zpsfmmootqw.jpg

Getting hugs from dadster.

 photo Eafter_zpsxjyjwgrf.jpg

Monday, March 2, 2015

MACH run

Here are some photos dad's mom took during my MACH run. The building was dark so they turned out kind of blurry.

Getting ready to start our run

 photo Estart_zpszse8pgtb.jpg

and off we go

 photo Erun4_zpsyd6pjzml.jpg


 photo Erun1_zpsxbcxppdt.jpg

Last jump!

 photo Erun3_zpsp5xg9s7y.jpg

Coming over the last jump to earn my title

 photo Eearnedlastjump_zpsof7ezmx6.jpg

This one is blurry but you can see I was barking telling dadster WE DID IT!!!!

 photo Eearnedlastjump1_zpsunz7gsed.jpg

Sunday, March 1, 2015


So as most of you know I have been talking a lot about a thing called a MACH. That is the Master Agility Champion title with AKC. I began my ACK career back in April 2009 when they began letting mixed breeds (AKA All American) dogs run in AKC. I was one of the very first All American dogs to earn an agility title with the AKC. I have had some set backs with hip dyplasia, etc. that kind of slowed me down a bit but thanks to Dr. Carlson and the acupuncture with supplements I was able to keep running agility pain free.

Well....on February 22nd our dream came true and I become an agility champion. So my new official name is now, Sagira, MACH, NF, TNN. Looks nice doesn't it?

Here is video of my run. You can hear momster crying and screaming on the video, BOL. She was shocked I got it on my first attempt. Most people get so nervous they have to do it a couple of times but mom should know that I am a good girl and like to do it right the FIRST time.

I have one more weekend to run in the AKC and that is in Zanesville. After that I will be retiring from AKC and moving over to CPE Agility. In CPE I can jump as low as 12" which will be a lot easier on my joints and we are doing it just for fun over there. Tempest will take over the AKC runs and begin working on her MACH.

Thanks to all who have supported us in this journey. It has been a great one!