Monday, July 28, 2014

Trial on Friday

So mom and dad took a vacation day on Friday and we packed up and went to Dayton, Ohio for an agility trial. Boy are we happy we went. I got FIRST place in the 20" division OMD....FIRST place. I was smoking hot and on fire!

Here is my jumpers run. I got third place in this run. So not only did I get QQ # 15 and can officially say I am 3/4 of the way to my MACH (Championship title) but I got TWO placements. WHOO HOO!

So my MACH count is now 15 QQ (need 20) and I have 406 points (need 750). Getting close!!!!

Pics of me with my blue ribbon to come shortly.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Minnesota Trip Photos

Jackie Rodeffer-Scheetz was nice enough to send us these photos she took of Tempest when her and dad went to Minnesota for the disc dog event.

 photo EDSC_5107_zpsebbb0e87.jpg

 photo EDSC_5114_zpsc35f2337.jpg

Super girl! She matches her collar.

 photo EDSC_5434_zps50c6cef0.jpg

She's so fast!

 photo EDSC_5435_zps9a8f029c.jpg

 photo EDSC_5439_zpsba759f1a.jpg

 photo EDSC_5441_zpsa75954f5.jpg

 photo EDSC_5442_zps97c0c278.jpg

 photo EDSC_5443_zpsc3e844b9.jpg

This was mom's favorite photo because anyone that has met Tempest knows just how sweet she is. She LOVES everyone and hasn't met a stranger yet.

 photo EDSC_5493_zps6f5918d6.jpg

 photo EDSC_5611_zps955179cd.jpg

 photo EDSC_5613_zps0e2ccf37.jpg

 photo EDSC_5614_zps5ce6a16e.jpg

 photo EDSC_5964_zpsfe19e6f7.jpg

 photo EDSC_5968_zpsaa800f5f.jpg

 photo EDSC_5969_zps894303df.jpg

 photo EDSC_5970_zps4acdc12d.jpg

 photo EDSC_5971_zpsad12a898.jpg

 photo EDSC_5974_zpse9dac8db.jpg

 photo EDSC_5979_zps8787c53a.jpg

 photo EDSC_5982_zpscba89b26.jpg

 photo EDSC_5989_zpsf5b5512b.jpg

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Tempest Tuesday

Mom and dad bought us a new toy, it is made of rabbit fur and you can put treats inside and it is a tug toy.

Tempest had a lot of fun removing the furs, BOL

Monday, July 21, 2014

Tempest Photos from July 4th

Tempie's turn to play with dad at the July 4th event. (Thanks again to Marshall Smith for these AWESOME photos).

 photo E14603614421_5391394864_o_zps826ab092.jpg

Hey out of my way people I have disc to catch no time to pet me and tell me how cute I am!

 photo E14420468197_25685ee386_o_zps75015d19.jpg

Look how fast my sister is.

 photo E14583812556_a9dfd3178c_o_zps01885506.jpg

Dad stop throwing them in the crowd already! BOL

 photo E14420467897_bc1506d590_o_zps179fab20.jpg

Got it!

 photo E14420226900_7bd967395e_o_zps0ac91cea.jpg

Get it Tempie!

 photo E14420289549_fce0a74105_o_zps13503f1d.jpg

Isn't her disc pretty?

 photo E14420461057_38b7758c28_o_zps73dd8b9a.jpg

Mom cracked up when she saw this one. Look at this ladies face, BOL. I think Tempie scared her a little.

 photo E14420460837_b25e3f527c_o_zps12b5746a.jpg

That is how you do it Tempie!

 photo E14603606761_4bcee01e98_o_zpsb191b0d0.jpg

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Pics from the July 4th Disc Dog Event

Dadster's friend Marshall Smith is a great photographer. He showed up at the July 4th event and snagged some photos of Bokeh and Tempest. Here are the shots he took of Bokeh.

Dadster throwing the disc to Bokeh wearing his silly GoPro camera on this head, BOL

 photo E14420262218_772962da82_o_zps6f2a5915.jpg

Mom said Bokeh looks like an old man in this photo for some reason

 photo E14420461717_612ebbb9a5_o_zps3a1adbd7.jpg

You would think as close of attention he would have caught one disc, BOL

 photo E14583851766_b9160fcc31_o_zps79f071db.jpg

Bokeh can FLY!

 photo E14420262358_22902980cd_o_zps9975f80c.jpg

You have to open your mouth to catch it silly brother!

 photo E14420290839_5ecc3788d0_o_zpsa73c2cfa.jpg

This one is our favorite. Look at Bokeh's back legs. He is such a goofball.

 photo E14626916363_bd0bd849b7_o_zps7122315f.jpg

Saturday, July 19, 2014

The secrets of a trial

This is what we do in the down time at the agility trials, BOL. Life is so hard being an agility dog.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Trial last weekend

Last Sunday we packed up and headed back to Sharonville, Ohio for another agility trial. Mom really likes it at this place it is so nice and clean and worth the hour and half drive to get there.

My first run of the day was my jumpers run and I was on FIRE! Watch me go! I got a Q and 12 more MACH points.

My next run was my standard run. I didn't get a Q because I was going a little too fast and missed my first weave pole. But mom and dad still tell me I did a GREAT job and we had a lot of fun. I also got to pick up a new toy for going to the trial. That is my favorite part.