Monday, September 1, 2014


I have been sharing all the videos and news stories from Wagfest. Here are some photos. We didn't get very many good photos because we were too busy having fun! BOL. Our blog friends Frankie and Ernie came and brought Sarge's parents as well. We always love seeing all of them.

This is a huge event. Last year they said they had over 17,000 people come with over 7,000 pups!

 photo EJWB_8517_zps815ac602.jpg

Huge park with lots of room for everyone

 photo EJWB_8518_zpsfd61aa04.jpg

 photo EJWB_8519_zps1a53183a.jpg

Disc dog club area

 photo EJWB_8520_zps85d501f2.jpg

All the freebies mom scored

 photo EJWB_8563_zpsbd3ce365.jpg

Sunday, August 31, 2014

August Chewy Review

Oh my gosh, we have been so busy we almost forgot to post our Chewy review for August. Squeaking in on the last day of the month, BOL.

It is time for our monthly Chewy.Com review. This month we reviewed some fish treats made by The Honest Kitchen. Chewy sent us Pure Iceland Haddock Fillets to try out.

 photo EJWB_8586_zpsbf97e661.jpg

 photo EJWB_8587_zps55b92053.jpg

This is what it looks like when you open the box

 photo EJWB_8588_zps9a7f24ef.jpg

We all had to give it a good sniff over

 photo EJWB_8592_zps2103f7ee.jpg

Starr always gets hers first since she is the oldest in the house

 photo EJWB_8593_zpseb3e7217.jpg

Then it is my turn to taste test

 photo EJWB_8595_zps9dc3c4ac.jpg

Bokeh's turn

 photo EJWB_8598_zps18e8dc88.jpg

Tempest wants a turn (look how big her eyes are, BOL)

 photo EJWB_8597_zps8952d069.jpg of our favorite things about these treats are they for both us dogs and CATS so we got to share our treats with our kitty sisters. Mystic was the only one that would come out to see what all the fuss was about though.

 photo EJWB_8599_zpsa73c8f6e.jpg

Checking it out

 photo EJWB_8600_zpsd31a5bdc.jpg


 photo EJWB_8614_zpsaa10a2d7.jpg

In review we really liked these treats. They only have one ingredient in them and that is dehydrated haddock. Mom has actually been wanting some fishy items for Tempest because her fur and skin are a little dry. We really liked the fact that the treats can be for both dogs and cats. They were nice and fishy smelling to. We would buy these again in the future.

Thank you again Chewy for allowing us to review these yummy treats! last thing. Louisville Weimaraner Rescue will receive a $20 donation for any NEW customers at making their first purchase if they just use this LINK HERE

In exchange for our review we did receive a free box of treats to try.

Wagfest Videos

Here are some fun videos from our disc dog clubs performances at Wagfest this year.

Tempie's first performance at Wagfest

This is Bokeh's cousin Bazooka doing the Dare Devil Bazooka part of the performance.

Another Dare Devil Bazooka

Matt and Bella (Bokeh's Aunt) doing their performance at Wagfest

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Tempest new boyfriend

Tempest loves the boys. This is her new BFF, Gage

Friday, August 29, 2014

New Squeaky Toy

So mom told me I couldn't go to Wagfest because it was going to be too hot and I don't like to drink water when we go out most of the time. Mom felt bad and bought me a new toy.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

More News

Mom was obsessed with Tempest being on the news. I think she caught every little segment. Here they are. BOL

This is one that Matt talks about our disc dog club.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014