Friday, October 17, 2014

Georgia on my mind

So last weekend we all (mom, dad and all four of us pups) packed up in the car to head all the way from Ohio to Georgia. As some of you may remember Tempest qualified to compete against the best of the best disc doggers from all around the world!

Here is Tempie doing her freestyle routine on Sunday:

and here is her doing her Toss and Fetch. She did PAWSOME and caught 5 of 7 earning 20 out of a possible 22.5 points.

Tempest ended up placing 53rd out of over 70 of the best of the best teams. We were hoping for top 50 but still VERY proud of my sister. She did pawsome considering how nervous dad was and she isn't even two yet.

More pics and stories to come.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Walking Weimaraner Wednesday

Momster is still trying to take Starr on a walk every day. This day she invited Bokeh to join her. Bokeh and Starr are not the best of friends but did really well on their walk together.

 photo WW_zps1e25906f.jpg

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Bokeh and Momster

Bokeh likes to snuggle with mom when she is on the recliner at the end of the day.

 photo 10001353_10152834859082160_5329605432651195800_n_zpsf1e42716.jpg

Monday, October 6, 2014

Another 3 day trial

Can you tell I'm getting close to my MACH? Hearing more and more about us going to agility trials. BOL

So this time we went to Springfield. It was outside but it was nice and cool so it wasn't that bad. This is my standard run. I did really good and got a Q and 11 more MACH points.

This is my jumpers run. I didn't get a Q because I knocked over the second jump but I had fun and was running!

Sunday, October 5, 2014

We have sponsors!

We feel so lucky to have great friends who love and support us. Our very first sponsor and person who believed in us is Carla from Dogs Rule! daycare here in Grove City. Carla sponsors Bokeh and Tempest and orders them disc with her business name on them for them to play with at demos and competitions. She is also super kind and helps out our buddy Matt and his girls, Bella and Bazooka (Bokeh's aunt and cousin).

Here is a picture of all of us with Carla and her husband. THANK YOU Carla for being the first to believe in us. We hope we make you proud when we head out to Georgia later this month to compete in the WORLD disc dog finals that Tempest, Bella and Bazooka earned a spot to compete in. You all will be able to watch us LIVE on the website if you like (will post link later). GO TEAM USA and GO TEMPIE!!!!

 photo E101_1124_zpsbf2868f1.jpg

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Tempest has a new name!

So here are Tempie's runs from last Sundays trial. Here is her Jumpers run. Since Tempie is only in novice division she is allowed to make a few mistakes and still qualify which she did. This was her third Q in JWW so she now has a new title, her NJ title. So meet Pawprint Calm Before the Storm, NJ (aka Tempest). BOL

and this is her standard run. She didn't Q in this one because she knocked down a bar, if they do that they don't Q no matter what. Bummer because the rest of the run was really nice.

Here is a photo of Tempest with the judge that she earned her new title under. Oh and she got FIRST place! She is FAST!

 photo JWB_8947-edit-blog_zps4f9fe6e6.jpg

Friday, October 3, 2014

Sunday at the trial

Here are my runs from last Sunday at the trial. No Q's for me but I had fun. It is funny because in my standard run I refused to get on the table when dad first asked me to. If you listen close you can tell I shocked momster because on the video you hear her say "Sagira" like shame on me, BOL. Gotta keep the humans wondering, don't we? BOL

This is my jumpers run. Dadster didn't step far enough in to set me up correctly for the jump and if you listen to the video boy do you hear me let him have it. It was funny because the judge even said you tell him, BOL!