Monday, June 30, 2014


Sorry for the lack of updates. We have been SUPER busy. So where do we start. Okay lets start off with some AMAZING news. See our friend Matt invited dad and Tempest to join him on a road trip from Ohio all the way to Minnesota. Boy was that a long car ride (14 hours). They actually stopped off about 1/2 way to Bokeh's breeders house. They were super nice and made lunch for everyone and even groomed Bella and Bazooka (Bokeh's aunt and cousin who were on the trip as well). So...I bet you wonder why dadster decided to go on this long trip. It was for a disc dog event. Dadster wanted Tempest to very much get a qualifier spot in the USDDN division of disc events. This is the event that Bokeh qualified in back in 2012 and landed us all a trip to Georgia. Well.....I must say that Tempest didn't disappoint and we are now SUPER proud to announce that Tempest is a WORLD qualifier! Tempest (and all the rest of us) will be making a trip to Georgia in October. WHOOO HOOOOOOOO! We are so excited because a bunch of our other disc dog friends will be making the trip with us. We will get to see all the AMAZING teams from Japan, Russia and all around the world that come to compete in this event (by invitation only).

Here is a video of dad showing around the event in Minnesota.

Video of Tempest rocking out her Freestyle routine

Mom was super sad she didn't get to go to see it in person but dadster was texting her up a storm keeping her up to dad. It was so sweet because dadster was a little teary eyed when they announced he got the fifth and final qualifier spot from the event. There were over 23 teams competing and only the top 5 get invited to attend the world event (which you will all be able to watch LIVE streaming).

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Update on Tempest

I will not make you wait.... GREAT news!

The vet called momster first thing yesterday morning to let her know that all of Tempest levels are back to normal. Now he is making sure the same pathologist that did the original reading will be checking everything over to make 100% sure but the preliminary report is that Tempest is going to be just fine. What an awful few weeks these have been with worry and tears but we are so very thankful that Tempie is going to be okay.

THANK YOU to all our friends who sent well wishes, called and emailed us during this difficult time. You are all the BEST and don't let anyone ever tell you any different.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Trying to stay positive

Our family is trying really hard to stay positive that Tempest test next week will come back clean and she doesn't have that horrible C word but my momster is trying to put up a brave front but inside she is a be honest our entire family is a mess. Tempest is just such a special little girl and we love her BUNCHES. Tempest is acting fine, eating, drinking, etc. but just unnerving until we get that "all clear" from her blood work.

Friday, June 13, 2014


My sister Starr had to have surgery on Tuesday. She had a growth on her gum line. They removed it once before about a year ago and it came back so then went in with the laser and removed it again. They also removed some skin tags on her neck and another lump in her ear. She is feeling better now. Momster was so worried about her since she is older now.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Tempest Tuesday

Wanna come play with me?

 photo 1JWB_4048_zps19f24972.jpg

Monday, June 9, 2014

Buckeye Bash

This past weekend Bokeh and Tempest got to go bye-bye with mom and dad without me (Phffft!). They went all the way to Tipp City (near Dayton) to compete in the Buckeye Bash. That is a disc dog tournament and since I don't really play disc mom said I could stay home in the air condition with my older sister Starr.

Mom was just happy that Tempest is back to her old self and was able to make it to the event.

Here is video of Tempest doing her freestyle routine with dad. Not bad considering they have had NO practice since Tempest has been sick for the past few weeks.

Here is video of Tempest doing her Toss and Fetch round

Tempest missed qualifying to get invited to World Championship by one spot. Oh well, maybe next time. Bokeh got to play to but momster didn't get to record him because mom got stuck announcing the event over the PA for everyone. Now anyone that knows my mom and how SHY she is that was pretty darn funny! BOL

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Another new bed?

Yep! We got another new bed. Tempest was enjoying testing it out.

 photo E101_1035_zps0c7864f9.jpg

Friday, June 6, 2014

New Bed

This new bed sure is comfy and it matches my eyes. :)

 photo EJWB_4063_zpsd0fad106.jpg

Thursday, June 5, 2014

New friend

I work hard to bring home these new friends. Meet Ms. Platypus.

 photo 1JWB_4061_zps040e251e.jpg

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Bunny Patrol

Yep, I'm on bunny patrol

 photo 1JWB_4050_zpsb999cd63.jpg

I can smell you under there bunny rabbit!

 photo 1JWB_4052_zps58a51efd.jpg

Hello?!?!?!? Do you want to come out to play????

 photo 1JWB_4051_zps4f806433.jpg

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Tempest Tuesday

Hi everyone! Thanks to all who called, emailed and came by to see me when I wasn't feeling well.

 photo 1JWB_4047_zpsb7902c63.jpg

Monday, June 2, 2014


Had another agility trial this past Saturday. Got to run outside and watch all the birds fly over head. I did AWESOME in my Standard run. I actually got a placement ribbon and earned FOURTH place. See my pretty white placement ribbon? I was on fire!

 photo E05-31-14STDQwith4thPlace_zps264c2296.jpg

This is video of my run. Watch how fast I was on the last jumps!

Here is my Jumpers run. This one dadster really screwed me up! BOL

I had fun and got another new toy!

Sunday, June 1, 2014


Sorry that we have been MIA again. Tempest has given us all a HUGE scare. A week ago Thursday before momster started work (which is the butt crack of dawn) Tempest vomited up her breakfast and then threw up a few more times. Mom thought Tempest just had a stomach bug and was going to keep an eye on her. Tempest acted like she was feeling better on Friday so dad took her out to play and exercise and well the poor girl came back in and threw up again. She didn't want to eat, her poo had turned into water (lots of water shooting everywhere, BOL), she didn't want to do anything and was just laying around. It was now the weekend so mom was hoping Tempest would start to feel a little better. She would have ups and downs. Finally, on Memorial Day we contacted our VET and they recommedned Tempest be taken to the doggy ER since this had been going on for 4 days now off and on. Mom and dad packed Tempie in the car and took her to MedVet in Columbus. They did some test and found out that Tempest has Camploybacter in her fecal smear. They checked her other levels and everything else seemed to be okay except her Cholesterol was a little on the low side. So they gave them some antibiotics and probiotics to help Tempie feel better. By the next day Tempest was bringing her ball over to play, etc. That night they got a phone call from the doctor lady at MedVet telling dad that the Pathologist did Tempest blood work and they found a "rare, abnormal unclassified lymphocyte" in her white blood cells. They said that it could just be a cell reacting to the bacterial infection that she had but also can't rule out cancer. When momster heard this she FREAKED out. I am not kidding you my momster cried herself to sleep that night, she cried ALL the next day. She called our regular vet and he communicated with the doctor lady at Medvet. Our vet seems to think it is just a cell reacting to the infection. He wants to give the antibiotics time to run through Tempest and then retest her in a few weeks so we get a clean reading. Can all of you please keep our family in your thoughts and send Tempest good vibes and prayers? You see, my mom loves Tempest SO very much and Tempest is just a baby.

Now on the good side of things Tempest is acting MUCH more like herself and back to normal. Her poo is almost fully solid again and she is eating and drinking just fine.