Sunday, August 31, 2014

August Chewy Review

Oh my gosh, we have been so busy we almost forgot to post our Chewy review for August. Squeaking in on the last day of the month, BOL.

It is time for our monthly Chewy.Com review. This month we reviewed some fish treats made by The Honest Kitchen. Chewy sent us Pure Iceland Haddock Fillets to try out.

 photo EJWB_8586_zpsbf97e661.jpg

 photo EJWB_8587_zps55b92053.jpg

This is what it looks like when you open the box

 photo EJWB_8588_zps9a7f24ef.jpg

We all had to give it a good sniff over

 photo EJWB_8592_zps2103f7ee.jpg

Starr always gets hers first since she is the oldest in the house

 photo EJWB_8593_zpseb3e7217.jpg

Then it is my turn to taste test

 photo EJWB_8595_zps9dc3c4ac.jpg

Bokeh's turn

 photo EJWB_8598_zps18e8dc88.jpg

Tempest wants a turn (look how big her eyes are, BOL)

 photo EJWB_8597_zps8952d069.jpg of our favorite things about these treats are they for both us dogs and CATS so we got to share our treats with our kitty sisters. Mystic was the only one that would come out to see what all the fuss was about though.

 photo EJWB_8599_zpsa73c8f6e.jpg

Checking it out

 photo EJWB_8600_zpsd31a5bdc.jpg


 photo EJWB_8614_zpsaa10a2d7.jpg

In review we really liked these treats. They only have one ingredient in them and that is dehydrated haddock. Mom has actually been wanting some fishy items for Tempest because her fur and skin are a little dry. We really liked the fact that the treats can be for both dogs and cats. They were nice and fishy smelling to. We would buy these again in the future.

Thank you again Chewy for allowing us to review these yummy treats! last thing. Louisville Weimaraner Rescue will receive a $20 donation for any NEW customers at making their first purchase if they just use this LINK HERE

In exchange for our review we did receive a free box of treats to try.

Wagfest Videos

Here are some fun videos from our disc dog clubs performances at Wagfest this year.

Tempie's first performance at Wagfest

This is Bokeh's cousin Bazooka doing the Dare Devil Bazooka part of the performance.

Another Dare Devil Bazooka

Matt and Bella (Bokeh's Aunt) doing their performance at Wagfest

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Tempest new boyfriend

Tempest loves the boys. This is her new BFF, Gage

Friday, August 29, 2014

New Squeaky Toy

So mom told me I couldn't go to Wagfest because it was going to be too hot and I don't like to drink water when we go out most of the time. Mom felt bad and bought me a new toy.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

More News

Mom was obsessed with Tempest being on the news. I think she caught every little segment. Here they are. BOL

This is one that Matt talks about our disc dog club.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

New Dog Park

So our city finally joined the times and opened up a dog park. We were on our way home from the trial and remembered the grand opening party was still happening for another hour so we popped over to see what it was all about.

This is the entrance

 photo 0824141527_zps2e2c1ea6.jpg

They had a cool human fountain that also had a doggy level fountain below it and they were doing baths

 photo 0824141524_zps2adb5d5b.jpg

Silly mom went to take a pic of Tempie and I and her hand was in the way, BOL

 photo 0824141522a_zps526fb492.jpg

It has four areas, 2 for the big dogs and 2 for the small dogs.

 photo 0824141522_zpsaf9a738a.jpg

Dadster had to get him an ice cream treat. They were sold out of Frosty Paws by the time we arrived, BOOO! :(

 photo 0824141521_zpsc61bd227.jpg

This adorable puppy was saved by one of the rescue groups. He is deaf. :(

 photo 0824141518a_zps62f86940.jpg

Rescues and vendors were all set up

 photo 0824141528_zps17e53ffb.jpg

Monday, August 25, 2014

Dog Days of Summer

So every year Westerville has a Dog Days of Summer event where they close down some of the roads and people set up booths to look at. Tempest and I got to go this year. It was so much fun.

They had ice water for us to drink

 photo E101_1068_zps503a90c9.jpg

We ran into some of our friends in the Golden Retriever club

 photo E101_1066_zpse4a91e35.jpg

Hey mom! I like this one, can we take him home?

 photo E101_1065_zps5365c263.jpg

Bands were playing

 photo E101_1069_zpsc9b1cb73.jpg

Mom ran into one of the foster homes for the rescue she volunteers for. Here is Sapphire, she is so sweet and looking for a home of her own.

 photo E101_1072_zpsbbc22dca.jpg

Picked up some freebies as well.

 photo E101_1073_zpsd7dcf3d5.jpg

Sunday, August 24, 2014

News guy

Here are some of the photos from when Tempest was on the news. The news guy is Dana Turtle and he sure is nice and fun!

Dad, Mr. Turtle and Matt with Tempest and Bella

 photo news2_zps424d903a.jpg

Dad, our friend Teri who works at Pet People and Mr. Turtle

 photo news1_zps96c137e1.jpg

Mr. Turtle was being funny and had Bella do a foot stall on him. BOL Mom told him he should have done that live on the news.

 photo bellanews_zpse50e8399.jpg

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Tempest is a celeb!

WAGFEST! is this weekend. Our disc dog club will be performing at Wagfest. The guy in charge of the event invited dadster and our friend Matt to promote Wagfest on the news. Tempest is a super star! So is Bella. Bella is actually Bokeh's aunt, how cool is that?

We will also get to see our furiends Frankie and Ernie and Sarge's mom this weekend. Going to be so much fun!

Friday, August 22, 2014

Columbus Zoo Part 2

Here is a picture of mom and dad waiting for the Cheetah races to begin at the "watering hole".

 photo E10525899_929186550439415_6375112893154945101_n_zps2e8c442d.jpg

And of they go!

 photo EJWB_4665_zps3440fe08.jpg

Boy are they fast!

 photo EJWB_4668_zps2ce951a7.jpg

Got the prize

 photo EJWB_4693_zps15bfba81.jpg

Momster actually ran into one of her dog rescue buddies

 photo EJWB_4732_zpsf1ecc2b7.jpg

Polar bears

 photo EJWB_4749_zpse673e7ca.jpg

So dadster's cousin is one of the keepers in the Gorilla area. She had a little free time the day they went so she walked around with mom and dad. Mom told me it was SO cool because all the animals knew dad's cousin and would come right up to the fence. This guy watched dad's cousin go in and get frozen watermelon and boy did he fly down from his tree house.

 photo EJWB_4889_zps7d7524de.jpg

Yummy frozen watermelon treats

 photo EJWB_4893_zps8b25f3f5.jpg

This is dad's cousin. Her job for the day was giving the baby its bottle. Mom is jealous and wants her job!

 photo EJWB_4922_zps03692159.jpg

 photo EJWB_4994_zps7d0e55d4.jpg

One of the gorillas likes when people brings photos and books for it to see. Well it came right up to the glass so dad turned his camera around and was showing it the pictures he took on his camera. This was really cool.

 photo Eunnamed1_zps56151671.jpg

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Columbus Zoo

Mom and dad left all of us behind and went to the Columbus Zoo. They told us dogs are not allowed. BOOO :(

They went super early because they didn't want to have to fight the crowd at the new Heart of Africa exhibit. Mom really liked the new exhibit because it seemed like the animals has plenty of room to roam around. This is a picture of the area where you can go feed the giraffes.

 photo EJWB_4377_zps3567a3d8.jpg

Momster in front of the giraffes

 photo EJWB_4375_zps8a326467.jpg

One cool looking dude

 photo EJWB_4353_zps07802149.jpg

The giraffe that mom got to feed

 photo EJWB_4329_zpsd5626c1a.jpg

This made mom's day

 photo EJWB_4327_zps4cf6baff.jpg

Dad had to tell her to turn around and get a pic, BOL

 photo EBJWB_4323_zps65fbdaa4.jpg

They had camels there

 photo EJWB_4300_zps05f96115.jpg

How cute was this baby?

 photo EJWB_4442_zpsbb41bcd2.jpg

Cheetah wanted to come eat mom and dad

 photo EJWB_4452_zps89d6dbf5.jpg

Cheetah decided to model some for dad, BOL

 photo EJWB_4492_zps2be7b4f3.jpg

Did you get that pic dude?

 photo EJWB_4513_zpsa12394fe.jpg


 photo EJWB_4528_zps7137ffdb.jpg

How sweet was that?

 photo EJWB_4549_zps6ba99815.jpg

Check out this guys Mohawk

 photo EJWB_4559_zps874f51ab.jpg

Check back tomorrow for the rest of the zoo pics.