Thursday, August 29, 2013

Wag! Fest

This last weekend they had a HUGE event here in Columbus called WAG! Fest. It is held at the metro park and is always VERY crowded. Last year they had over 12,000 people and 4,000 pups attend the event. Momster was asked to help our friends over at Brilliant K9 with their booth. Momster was SO busy helping at the booth she didn't even get to walk around Wag!

Guess who made the trip from Zanesville to attend Wag! It was my great friends Ernie and Frankie. Momster got to say hit them but only for like 87 seconds then she had to return to work. Frankie and Ernie had a great time and got a TON of freebies. You can read more about their adventure on their blog.

Tempest and dadster did disc shows with the Southern Ohio Flying K9's club. Here is Tempie showing people how to teach playing disc. Tempie is a great demo dog.

This is Bokeh's cousin, her name is Bazooka doing DAREDEVIL BAZOOKA at the Wag! demo. Isn't she pawsome? Dadster gave each kid that participated one of the Dogs Rule disc that has Bokeh and Bazooka's names on it.

These were the freebies that dad picked up when walking around.

 photo EW101_0783_zps9a11c9fa.jpg


  1. WagFest was the mostest fun we have had in like 87 days. We didn't get to see ANYONE doing Disc Demos when we went by that area... They must have been taking a Break or somethingy. Maybe giving out PAWtographs or stuffs.
    We can't WAIT to go AGAIN Next year!!!

  2. I read about all the goodies Frankie and Ernie got. This sounds like a really fun event. Wish we had something like that here.

    I went to a dog walk once where I got a ton of free stuff, but not nearly as much as they got. I kept dropping stuff, so I lost a lot of it.

  3. We saw all the loot that Frankie and Ernie got and wish there was one of those around here! What fun! Tempie is doing great at becoming a disc dog.

    Millie & Walter

  4. That was a big jump by Bazooka! Looks like lots of interesting freebies for you all.


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