Friday, August 16, 2013

Lighthouse Part 2

When we were having our photos taken as a group people were kind of crowding around and watching us have our photo shoot. This one family asked if their kids could jump in the photo so they could use it for the cover of their vacation book, BOL. Of course we said yes, but dadster didn't even think to take a photo of them with us on OUR camera, DUH! It was nice to hear from strangers how well behaved we are. We had them fooled, BOL

But here is the result of our photo shoot

The 3 Amigos

 photo JWB_9962-Edit-Blog_zps13550956.jpg

Tempest was being a stinker and kept wanting to watch the boats go past behind her

 photo JWB_9970-Edit-Blog_zpsa717eaf4.jpg


  1. Sing with us... ♫ Sittin on the ROCK near the Bay.... Watching the BOATS go away ♫

    Grrrrrreat that those peeps wanted Their picture taken with you Three Amigas .

  2. You look like you should join the Helmet Head Club.

  3. Those are such terrific photos!

  4. Those are great photos of you all together.

  5. Those are great photos. Wish me and Tuiren could have joined you, but we aren't nearly as well behaved. ~Fenris


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