Sunday, August 11, 2013

Busy, busy

Yesterday morning Bokeh and I got to go bye bye with mom and dad. Bokeh made an appearance at Agility Ability . It is a WONDERFUL program where autistic children work with agility dogs and teach them to do agility. This was the end of their session and grauduation so they asked if Bokeh would come between the 2 classes on Saturday and do a disc dog demo. Of course we said YES! Momster doesn't have many good video clips because I (Sagira) was being bad and barking BOL during Bokeh's performance so momster had to walk me outside and we had to watch through the glass outside. But all the kids loved the demo and after the demo dadster let each kid through a disc to Bokeh and boy did Bokeh love that part of it.

Beginning of the demo (you can hear me barking and mom telling me to "shhh" and then turning off the video camera). It is fun being bad sometimes. :)

and here we are outside watching as Bokeh plays with each kid

After that we had to go to the VET. Will tell you more about that tomorrow.


  1. THAT is a super thingy you did there. We love the idea of that pawgram.

    The DOGTOR??? OMD surely you don't have WORMS. You KNOW how I (Frankie Furter) worry about Worms.

  2. I bet that will be a day those kids remember for a long time!


  3. I am sure you were only barking to show support for Bokeh weren't you Sagira.

  4. Poor Sagira - tell Mom that we think you were just trying to cheer on Bokeh. That is such a good thing you do for those children.

    Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  5. What a wonderful event...good for you!!!

  6. Well that looked like fun, but the Vet! Not so much!

  7. Looks like a fun day for you as well as the kids! I think Chico would probably bark like that too if he was there. He's very mouthy that way!

    I hope the dogtor visit was only for your annual shots and stuff, and not anything serious.


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