Saturday, August 17, 2013

Paws in The Plaza

Every first Thursday of the month (when it is nice out) they have something called Paws in the Plaza. They have different groups and vendors set up in the plaza along Creekside. The Thursday when we were on vacation Tempie and I got to attend. Tempie wished she would have stayed home because these people grabbed her and tore off her toenails, BOL. Tempest hates having her nails cut or dremmelled so when they were doing it for a donation momster was super happy to drop some green papers in the jar to have someone else do the dirty work.

 photo E101_0703_zps231935c3.jpg

After that tragedy was over for Tempest we could enjoy ourselves and watch all the views

 photo E101_0704_zpsf8b66fbf.jpg

Are we having fun yet?

 photo E101_0706_zps34f134f3.jpg

They had a pretty fountain

 photo E101_0714_zpsa718a0b1.jpg

 photo E101_0716_zpse316598f.jpg

Tempest was obsessed with the fountains

 photo E101_0718_zps52cf2068.jpg


  1. BOL, I chew my nails so no one has to cut mine but Mommy had to trim Miss Tuiren's yesterday. ~Fenris

    PS: I taught Mr. Who to chew his nails too.

  2. It sure looks like lots of fountain fun at that place!

  3. OMD they RIPPED your Nails out???? What kind of place is THAT to go to...?????

    Well, at least you enjoyed the fountains...

  4. Bet you both would have liked a swim in the water with the fountains.

  5. I think I need to move to where ever you are! My city is not nearly as dog friendly as yours is!

  6. I think someone would be swimming if she got the chance.


  7. OMD! Tempest, I SO know how you feel abouts your nails bein' trimmed!! I hates it!! I have to go to the vetties to have mine done! BOL
    Oh, BTW, I LOVES your harness!!! And the 'Wasn't Me' on it ~ BRILLIANT! I gotta gets me one of those!! hehehe
    Thanks bunches for the POTP!!! It worked GREAT!! I'm feelin' much better now!!
    Ruby ♥

  8. Hey Sagira & Tempest!
    Wow, what a fun event! I bet that's a great time...even with the nail pulling torture. BOL I love that big fountain and I'd go swimmie in there fur sure. Great pix of you both!
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP


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