Friday, August 23, 2013

Sea Lion show at the fair

Dad said hey look, there is a sea lion over there. Mom thought he was joking

 photo E101_0671_zpsb902c67f.jpg

Nope, he wasn't joking. They had a Sea Lion show that was really neat to watch and learn about the Sea Lions. They had one Sea Lion that was retired and sleeping in the back that was 32 years old. That is almost as old as momster.

 photo E101_0674_zps7cf9b871.jpg

Moms loves dolphins and such and was super excited to see a swimming wildlife at the fair

 photo E101_0676_zpsc3f82914.jpg

These sea lions are super smart

 photo E101_0683_zps353cbadc.jpg

Here is a little video of part of the show. This made mom's day


  1. You Say you Saw a Sea Lion??? THAT is a MOUTHFUL. BaaaaWaaaah.

  2. Very cool! 32 years old, guess I never thought they lived that long.

  3. That was a lovely and unexpected surprise.


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