Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Tempest Tuesday

Tempest gets to go to Dogs Rule! daycare on Mondays. We take her to help keep her exercised and also around other dogs. She LOVES going and is always super excited to see Carla. Here is a video that Carla shared with us from when Tempie was last there. She played SO hard she just fell asleep in the middle of the floor and was OUT like a light. BOL

This is what Tempest looks like on the way home from daycare. I would say she has a great time, wouldn't you?


  1. BaaaaaaaaWAAAAAHHHHHHHH Oh TEMPEST... you remind our mom of a KINDERGARTENER .... They Always fall asleep in the afternoon... and on the ride home.

    THAT is sooooooo funny... You didn't even hear them call your name. Hope you didn't sleep through SNACK time.

  2. Oh you are the copilot too, Tempest. That's cool - I'm always banned on the back seat.

  3. MOL! She has tired herself right out.

  4. I think she plumb just wore herself right out!

  5. Wait - Tempest gets her own day on your blog Sagira? What's up with that? LOL!

  6. BOL!!! OMD! That is soooo funny! I thinks she had a FABulous time!!
    Ruby ♥


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