Thursday, August 22, 2013

Ohio State Fair

While mom and dad were on vacation they decided to go to the Ohio State Fair. Normally Bokeh and I get to go because our training club puts on shows 2 days at the fair. This year they decided to give Bokeh and I a break and go to the fair by themselves so selfish of them

Here they are at the entrance of the fair

 photo E101_0651_zps938c13bc.jpg

They saw cool displays by children. This was a train track made of legos

 photo E101_0654_zpsffb1c036.jpg

Lambs were there, BHHHHAAAAAA

 photo E101_0656_zpsbd70be58.jpg

This is mom's favorite Golden Retriever ever. She belongs to our training club and was there doing demos

 photo E101_0660_zps90946746.jpg

They found a mini Bokeh while shopping

 photo E101_0662_zpse68c1aa2.jpg

Our club members are troopers doing demos in the rain (mom was happy she decided not to take us)

 photo E101_0663_zpsca784da2.jpg

Cows that are made of butter

 photo E101_0665_zps5ac9d779.jpg

This was all made of butter! Said it took them 240 hours to make this

 photo E101_0666_zpsf0256450.jpg

Dadster had to try some of the home made ice cream

 photo E101_0667_zpsb76c5763.jpg

Sand sculptures

 photo E101_0669_zps4ccfaa16.jpg

Then they headed to the nature area and there were people showing how to teach dogs to retrieve ducks and stuff.

 photo E101_0685_zpse5f5430c.jpg

 photo E101_0688_zps552960e5.jpg

and of course dad had to have his "fair food" this was a hamburger that had donuts instead of a bun

 photo E101_0696_zpse479b73d.jpg

It rained pretty much all day but they said they would go in the rain again because it was not crowded at all. :)


  1. What fun! Look at all that butter!!!

  2. State Fairs are so much fun! How come it always rains during our Fair?

  3. OMD those pics are better than the ones we saw on the NEWS. Your mom and dad DID have a super time fur Sure.
    Love Mini Bokeh. THAT was a super find.

  4. Our little bipeds (who aren't so little any more) would all love that Lego display. They are all crazy for Legos. We like them too, to chew that is:(

    Looks like Mom and Dad had a good time. And we bet you were happy not to be out in the rain.

    Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  5. Looks like a great state fair. We have County agricultural shows which look very similar.


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