Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Weimaraner Wednesday

More donations have been rolling in for Louisville Weimaraner Rescues annual Weim and Cheese event. The flier for the event has been completed as well. Check it out!

 photo WampC_zps845e3898.jpg

Zuke's sent over some yummy goodies for kitties and woofies.

 photo Zukes_zps5689b901.jpg

The Confessions Collection sent over 3 shirts and 3 cups. They make adorable items.

 photo ConfessionsCollection_zps32c5b40e.jpg

Mom's good friend put her in touch with Jagermeister and they sent over this awesome guitar!

 photo Jager_zpscd2726be.jpg

Colonial Wagon and Wheels sent this adorable metal dog

 photo ColonialWagon_zpsd5d351a4.jpg

Fetchin Stixx donated this large sized stick. These are great for dogs to retrieve but are good for dogs who can't see as they make a whistle sound when thrown.

 photo FetchinStixx_zpsb7099896.jpg

Anyone that wants to send in a donation, please contact us at CB AT Louisvilleweimrescue DOT com


  1. Hello, Sagira darling. We crabby girls think this will be THE cultural event of the season.
    Little Pinches,
    Shelldon, Beachnut, Oceana

  2. That's some pretty cool stuff, especially that guitar!

  3. OMD! Those are some amazin' prizes!!! I loves the stick! Ma loves the tshirts and cups!


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