Saturday, May 11, 2013

Just call me Porcupine

Last Sunday the hu-parents took me in for something called acupuncture. They said it would help my hip feel better.

Here we are arriving. Mom I don't want to pose for a photo, I would rather smell these flowers where all my friends have marked.

 photo BJWB_5798_zpsa8e11da6.jpg

Had the lobby all to ourselves

 photo BJWB_5801_zps6690dcb7.jpg

Waiting on the VET guy to get in the room

 photo BJWB_5803_zps44ffb848.jpg

Well, hello there VET guy, it is nice to meet you. He felt me all over real good to see where my ouchies were

 photo BJWB_5806_zpsb1bfceac.jpg

Then he started poking me with all these needle things

 photo BJWB_5807_zpse1ac7a0a.jpg

Can you see them all?

 photo BJWB_5810_zps64e564af.jpg

Here is a closer look

 photo BJWB_5814_zpse547a978.jpg

Don't I look like a porcupine???

 photo BJWB_5816_zps31e0ab66.jpg

This is no crown mom, I look silly!

 photo BJWB_5817_zps7c81d4c9.jpg

After a few minutes I relaxed and actually went to sleep for a few minutes while the needles were in me

 photo BJWB_5820_zpsafbb120e.jpg

The VET guy wants to do this to me a few more times and put me on some new supplements to help with my back hip area.


  1. You didn't seem to mind the needles at all! My mom says she is interested in acupuncture for herself! Hope it does the trick for you Sagira!

  2. You must have been real relaxed to snooze with needles in you.

  3. Wow, I hope that helps you feel much better! I can see your needles, but thank goodness you are not a porcupine....that would make wrestling not so easy!

  4. We hope it works. We were wondering if it would help Sam too. He has a scary health issue - we will be posting on the blog this weekend about it. We hope it helps you, sweet Sagira.


  5. OMD Sagira... you look like that thingy our mom wears on her wrist when she Sews!! OMD does it hurt?? Butt more importantly Does it HELP?? Bet it DOES...Since you went to SLEEP.
    OUR FUREND... the POKE U SPINE Dawg. Baaawaaah. We can only laugh beclaws we KNOW that you will be better after this.

  6. We hope all those needles will make you fell better, Sagira!


  7. Porcupine Sagira - we hope it wasn't too uncomfortable for you. But more importantly we sure hope all those needles did some good for you.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  8. Yikes! You sure are brave!!!

  9. Oh Sagira, your right, that is NO CROWN!!! I thinks a proper tiara is in order after this ordeal. I'm thinkin' with real diamonds and all sparkly, so when your runnin' and flyin' through the air, you can look more FABulous than you already do!
    And, well, at least you didn't look like a skunk! hehehe

  10. You are a lovely porcupine. Mommy says she would trade places with you. Her back hurts today. ~Fenris

  11. Good lucky Sweetie!!!!
    Happy Mothers Day to your Mom!!!


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