Friday, May 3, 2013

Week 5 of Puppy Class

Mom snuck a close up of the beautiful husky puppy in class for all my husky friends to ooh and ahh over :)

 photo BJWB_3823_zps1bffad7c.jpg

Practice doing sit and stay inside the hoop. Paying very close attention to dad

 photo BJWB_3824_zps51e47941.jpg

Couple of classmates goofing off during class

 photo BJWB_3825_zps8010063f.jpg

Trying to give dad a kiss

 photo BJWB_3826_zpsf8d498bf.jpg

2 paws on the balance ball

 photo BJWB_3827_zpsf161507a.jpg

Now all four, oh my!

 photo BJWB_3829_zpsb8821519.jpg

Practice on the ramps

 photo BJWB_3830_zps7a97234b.jpg

Doing her first hoop

 photo BJWB_3835_zps7fd2e026.jpg

Tempie's turn to goof off during class

 photo BJWB_3839_zps6f9d0bfe.jpg

Uh is cheating on Tempie, look at this other pup giving dad kisses

 photo BJWB_3843_zps851d1479.jpg

Tempie doesn't even notice because she is busy getting belly rubs from that pups daddy BOL

 photo BJWB_3844_zpsdd4cf64c.jpg

But when the disc comes out, Tempie wants HER daddy back!

 photo BJWB_3846_zps3d61de9b.jpg


  1. Cute! Looks like she's having a great time and learning well.

  2. Oh How I love all your pictures of puppy class!!!!
    They are so great!!!! Tempie is getting so pretty!!! Congrats to Daddy for doing the work with her!!1

  3. BOL!! We remember puppy bows,


  4. Awwwww What a FUN FUN Post Tempest. We loved it all except fur when Mr. Jeremy Cheated on you.

  5. I'd say she is sure having fun in class!

  6. OMD!! OMD! I loves the puppy class pics!!! Everyone is soooo cute!
    Oh, I don't thinks Tempie likes another doggie touchin' her disk! BOL

  7. Very handsome Husky - Mom says no more puppies here but she sure did smile at that one:)

    Tempest is such a focused pup - we know she is going to do so well at everything - she sure adores her Dad.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning


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