Thursday, May 2, 2013

24 weeks

24 weeks - biggest change is that the hair around her neck is getting much longer and very wild and out of control. The fur around her ears is also getting very long. Her coat is becoming wavy. June (breeder) told us she has her daddy's eyes.

 photo 24weeks-blog_zpsdd38e610.jpg

23 weeks - NO PHOTO

22 weeks - almost all of her adult teeth have come in now and her fur is really getting long. She looks more and more like her mom each and every day

 photo 22Weeks-Blog_zps48f38b1f.jpg

21 weeks - NO PHOTO

20 weeks

 photo 20Weeks-Blog_zps61ce82b9.jpg

19 weeks, biggest change this week is her coat is getting much longer and wavy

 photo 19Weeks-Blog_zps104b9150.jpg18 weeks

18 weeks

 photo 18Weeks-Blog_zps15f5e212.jpg

17 weeks

 photo 17Weeks-Blog_zpsed59d6fd.jpg

16 weeks

 photo 16Weeks-Blog_zps34d76ace.jpg

15 weeks

 photo 15Weeks-Logo-Blog_zpse3a4f7c4.jpg

14 weeks.

 photo 14Weeks-Blog_zps4006e830.jpg 13 weeks

 photo 13Weeks-Blog_zpse0a94fd4.jpg

12 weeks

 photo 12Weeks-Blog_zps05f098f4.jpg

11 weeks

 photo 11Weeks-Blog_zps234f4d4c.jpg

10 weeks


9 weeks



  1. Oh, I just seeing the whole series! Such a smart idea, I wish I had done this with my guys.

  2. Wow, how time flies! Wild furs and all, she is a beauty.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  3. I'm always impressed about your fabulous ears... and your eyes are beautiful :o)

  4. I swear she gets cuter every time!


  5. You are getting bigger pretty girl!


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