Sunday, May 26, 2013

Busy Weekend

Wow, what a busy weekend this has been. Friday night Tempest, Bokeh and I went to the training club. Tempest got to play with her sister Jerica. They had TONS of fun playing in the fenced in yard and chasing each other and the Frisbee. Bokeh and I got to do agility. It was my first time since I have been injured and boy was I on FIRE. Dad said I did the weave poles the fastest he has ever seen me do them. Bokeh had fun doing agility to. It was our friend Presley's 12th birthday so Presley's mom brought cake for the humans and treats for us pups. They sure were good.

Saturday was another busy day. Starr and I went back to the training club. This time it was to do some more barn hunting. Starr went along for the ride since she didn't get to go Friday night. They did the barn hunting outside and I must say I didn't really care about the rat. The lady even let me sniff the rat real good in the tube and I was more interested in smelling all the smells in the play yard.

After the barn hunting we ran home, dropped off Starr and grabbed Tempest. Tempie got to go with me for my third acupuncture treatment. Oh...I forgot to mention Thursday we saw Dr. S. again and Dr. S told the parents that my hip was about 60% when she first saw me. This time it was up to 70%. She said I was doing much better and didn't seem to be as uncomfortable or in as much pain. Yippee! So anyway, back to the needles, I got more of them stuck in me and I fell asleep while they were in me. Tempest was very curious what they were doing to me.

Today we are off to my last AKC trial for a little while. I hope I do good and get some Q's. We might get to see Tempie's other sister Jitterbug as well. Mom and dad never met Jitterbug as she was already in her new home by the time dad went to take pictures.

Wonder what Monday will bring us.


  1. Gee, I hope y'all get to at least get a couple of snoozies in!

  2. Sounds like a very hectic weekend for all of you. I am glad your hip is improving.

  3. Whoohoo for acupuncture. I can't believe you fell asleep.... :)

  4. You are one busy girl. In fact you are one busy FAMILY!!!



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