Thursday, May 30, 2013

Goodale Park Fountain

A few weekends ago Tempie and I went to the Goodale Park grand opening of the fountain with mom and dad. They invited all the dogs to attend and held a costume contest. You know how much we love costume contests. Well, Tempest got to join in the fun. I let her wear my fairy princess costume. Doesn't she look cute?

 photo EJWB_6206_zps9fa96cdf.jpg

One of mom's friends was there with Hans (he is available for adoption through Mom's rescue, Louisville Weimaraner Rescue) and he was dressed as Grandma and his foster sister was Red Riding Hood. They won best costumes.

 photo EJWB_6212_zpsecc927fe.jpg

Tempie and I won best Summer costumes.

 photo EJWB_6238_zpsc8c47b46.jpg

Those were our prizes. Doesn't the dog on the certificate look kind of like Bokeh? BOL

They had a band playing and stuff. Three Dog Bakery was there giving out dog cookies to, yummy!

 photo EJWB_6224_zps4c78d5bc.jpg

and the pretty fountain

 photo EJWB_6233_zps11ec9db9.jpg

Oh...and now for the bad part of today. Mom has to have a ROOT CANAL. She is VERY VERY VERY VERY nervous about this. Please send her some good thoughts.


  1. Oh, we didn't even know about the fountain-looks gorgeous as do your pooches in costume!

    Hope your Mom reads this before her root canal: Parental Unit had her first one a couple of years ago and it was quite painless during and after. Really nothing but the bill to worry about!

  2. OH NO.... Miss Christina... Not the Root Canal THINGY... We will have our paws crossed fur you.

    TEMPIE looks DARLING in the Fairy Princess clawstoom. AND you look Lovely too. Congratulations on your big WINS !

  3. That dog costume contest looks like it was a lot of fun! Congrats on your prize.

    I've been through a root canal before. Not a fun procedure, but I'm sure your mom will do just fine!

  4. That looks like a lot of fun! Tempie looks very cute in the fairy princess costume.

    Have a pawsome day!

  5. Tempie is so cute in the fairy costume and that Weim as grandma is too funny.

    Millie & Walter

  6. ongrats to both of you for winning! You both look adorable. Root canals are no fun, but we send good wishes for your Mom to have the procedure go well.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  7. I love Tempest's fairy costume! I always liked the pond their because of the lilies and the dragonflies.

    Oh and glad to know a root canal wasn't needed - :)

  8. We will be thinking of your Mom!

    You both look so cute in your costumes.


  9. Sending good thoughts to your Mom, my Mommy had that done awhile back. She said it isn't that bad and to follow the Dr.'s instructions and everything will be fine. ~Fenris

    PS You looked beautiful in your costume, my lovely blue eyed girl.

  10. You both look lovely in your costumes. Tempie makes a lovely fairy princess. I am sending purrs for your mum's root canal surgery.


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