Saturday, May 4, 2013

Pet Expo

Mom's rescue had a booth at the Columbus Pet Expo. Here is momster with her friend Michele. Starr, Scarlet and Hans are in the picture as well looking cute.

 photo bJWB_4906_zpsbbefa567.jpg

Tempest got to go to the expo on Saturday. She was POOPED and actually let mom hold her for a few minutes. She thought EVERYONE was there to pet HER. She hasn't met a stranger she doesn't want to give kisses to yet.

 photo BJWB_4908_zps36014434.jpg

Our friends over at BrilliantK9 set up a booth at the expo to. Mom LOVED seeing all the people walking around wearing their new harnesses.

 photo BJWB_4911_zps4798b8cd.jpg

Some of the other vendors

 photo BJWB_4912_zpsa5f755f9.jpg

Getting ready to do the HowlNShake video (anyone else notice the llama?

 photo BJWB_4917_zps0d1e9c0a.jpg

Here is a video of it that mom found on You Tube

Baby goats, how cute!

 photo BJWB_4941_zpsa24d40fe.jpg

There was also a 5 week old baby camel there

 photo BJWB_4948_zps4a4bf5aa.jpg

 photo BJWB_4953_zpsdad1df33.jpg

So darn cute even though Tempest was scared to death of the camels, LOL

 photo BJWB_4959_zps9248fb01.jpg

Little feathered friend just sitting around

 photo BJWB_4965_zps7913f730.jpg

Cute little calf

 photo BJWB_4973_zps2a09a8ae.jpg

Llama world

 photo BJWB_4975_zps07734619.jpg

 photo BJWB_4987_zps351ea072.jpg

Tempest checking them out

 photo BJWB_4998_zpsf37ec07c.jpg

Cow kisses for $1 what a deal!

 photo BJWB_5002_zpsc227984a.jpg

More vendors and rescues

 photo BJWB_5004_zps2dae4a2a.jpg

They also had a costume contest each day (Friday, Saturday and Sunday). Our friend Michele (with the Weims) won it Friday and Saturday. Momster decided to bring me Sunday to see how I would do and guess what.... I WON! I got 1st place and won a $50 gift card to Petco, YIPPE! Mom was too busy screaming her lungs out to help me win and forgot to do pics.

Mom did grab this really quick video to show the final 3 in the costume contest. I got 1st, the dog with the hair got 2nd and the bulldog was 3rd. :)


  1. WOW! That looks like one amazing expo!

  2. OMD OMD Congratulations on the Big $50.00 WIN!! THAT is super duper.

    We got some of your slurps too!! You kissed 87,000 or more.

    What a grrrreat time the Expo was... can't wait fur NEXT year.

  3. Oh my gosh, that sure looks like you guys had a FABulous time!! Congrats on the win!!! You did look amazin' in that pirate outfit!!

  4. Now that was fun!!! Thanks for showing us!!!!

  5. That looks like a blast! Congrats on the costume contest!! Did your mom & dad come home with lots of new goodies? :)
    Stacy & Ellie

  6. What a crazy good time. We are having one of those here I think. I want to go!!!

  7. Very cool shirt! That looks like so much fun!!!!!!!!!!!!


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