Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Frisbee time!

Been a few weeks since I have posted some Frisbee stuff. Here are just a few short videos from last weeks playgroup.

This is me and Bazooka (she is almost as big as I am now) playing chase. I think an Aussie is going to fit in perfect around here. I LOVE being chased and guess what Aussies love to do... CHASE!

and here is one of Bazooka. She is just now starting to actually catch the Frisbee. She is going to be a great disc dog!

We also wanted to say congrats to Bella. She made it to the national disc dog event. She came in 21st and did an AWESOME job. GO BELLA!


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  2. So much fun fur all of woo!!!

    Khongrats to Bella - that is pawesome!


  3. Love the videos!! Running with a furiend is so much fun! Congratulations to Bella..that is great news!! Lots of love, Holly an dmom

  4. Bazooka has gotten so BIG and is doing very well! I can't wait to see you with your own Aussie brother or sister!

    I couldn't enter either of the Sunbury trials due to mom's work but guess now it's a good thing...

  5. The chase with Bazooka looked like lots of fun.

  6. I'd say you two were having some fun! A big congrats to Bella too!!!

  7. YEA FRISBEE!!! I sort of have a feeling an Aussie baby is going to fit in well....and is going to be kept very busy!

  8. You would love our Park it has a set up for Frisbee golf so there are always lots of people and dogs and discs flying and jumping and tossing! Congrats, Bella!

  9. Pawesome frisbee time!
    Congratulations to Bella!
    Kisses and hugs

  10. You are amazing frisbee dogs! Wish we could get Eva to do that!

  11. Wow those are great videos! YOu and Bazooka look so cute playing chase in that first video! And we love the video of Bazooka with the frisbee too!

    And congrats to Bella - it sounds like she did great!

  12. Great videos! Looks like fun! :)

    Mochi & Bali


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