Saturday, October 2, 2010

Day 1 of the Trial

So...I am up and getting ready to head back to the trial for day 2. Just thought I would fill you in on Day 1.

My first run was my Excellent Standard run. Everyone said I had a beautiful run and that is was a tough course but dad pulled me out of the weave poles just one pole too soon, so I didn't get my Q. I still need two more legs to earn my AX title and have two more runs this trial...oh boy the pressure is on.

My second run was my Excellent Jumpers with Weaves. This run went much better. I not only got 1st place, I got a Q AND I have a spiffy new AXJ title as well. I am the 21st mixed breed in AKC history to hear the AXJ title, how cool is that? Mom is still in shock that starting today I can earn MACH points. For those that don't know anything about agility, MACH is the highest level of title you can receive in agility and it will take me several years to get there I am sure...but I am beginning the journey today. Should be fun.

I also wanted to say congratulations to my good pal Maggie and her mom Dianne. They had a perfect day today. They qualified and places in all 3 of their runs today. WAY TO GO!


  1. Congratulations, that is so cool and I'm so proud of you!!!

  2. Awesome, Sagira. Congrats to you and Dad. We are so proud of you.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  3. Congratulations Sagira! You are just taking the AKC by storm!

  4. You are doing brilliant.. Well done.. Hugs GJ x

  5. Woo, Sagira! You're doing AWESOME!!! Way to go!
    Sorry we've missed commenting on so many posts. Mom's been gone and/or busy a lot. She's GOT to let me get my own iPad!

  6. Pawesome!


  7. Pawsome, Sagira! You did it marvellously.


  8. WOW, you guys ROCK, that is AMAZING, your AXJ, YIPPIE!!! MACH here you come!!! Good luck today!!!


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