Sunday, October 3, 2010

Day 2 of the Trial is now Sunday. That means that my Saturday trial is over. Saturday was a great day for me at the trial. My first run was Excellent A Standard. This course was a tough one. The weave pole entrance was directly off of the dog walk and was a tight spot to hit, but we hit it and I did all my weave poles this time. YEAHHH! I ended up getting 1st place and a Q. This is my 2nd leg towards my AX title. I am on my way back to day 3 of trials now and will hopefully come home with my AX title. If not mom and dad are still very proud of me earning my AXJ this weekend. Mom was super happy I did good on my Standard run today. The judge was really tough. If dogs would even spin around to see where their handlers were in front a jump they got called with a refusal. A lot of dogs got hit with not hitting the contacts in that ring today as well.

Well, here is video of my Standard run

My second run of the day was my Excellent B Jumpers With Weaves (JWW). This was my first run in B class and I got a Q. No placement but I have already been told that now that I am in B I will probably never place again. But that is okay, we are just going for the Q's now. Mom thought I was going to get called for a refusal at the one jump towards the end but guess since I didn't commit to the jump they didn't call it on me. Pheww... Guess what, I was also one second under time so I earned ONE (and my very first) MACH point today. YIPEE! Only 749 more to go and 20 double Q's.


  1. Sagira, we are amazed at how you can run and jump like that!! You did wonderful!!! Lots of love, Holly and mom

  2. I agree, you are amazing Sagira, I don't know how you zip so quick!

  3. Woooooo!!! You're number one! You're number ONE!
    Way to go, Sagira! And ALL of your weave poles?!? You're the BEST!!!
    And you look mighty beautiful doing it all, too!

  4. Wow Sagira! You are really good, no, you're the best!

  5. Awesome job Sagira! I really liked the way your dad brought you off the aframe safely and then showed you where your next jump was. And that was a fake-out ending of the jumpers _ looks like you were flying to what you thought was the last jump but then, no, you had to do a few more - LOL!

    Hey, 1 MACH point! WooHoo! I have 2 - 748 and 20 QQ to go! :)

  6. Woo are simply amazing!



  7. way to go miss sagira!!
    you are just rackin' up all kinds of Q's and A+'s and 1sts and super awesome sauce awards! :)

    the booker man

    pee s -- i think that teeter totter thingie is so scary!

  8. Super Sagira, you're pawsome. You did great in those jumps and runs, they were superb. Way to go, sweetie Sagira.

  9. Sagira... you are just amazing... MACH points? AWESOME!


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