Thursday, July 29, 2010

Thursday if Frisbee time

Before we get this weeks Frisbee stuff, I want to wish my mommy a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! She had a rough start this morning. Our neighbors decided to be loud and carry on at 3:34 AM! I had to growl and that got mom and dad up and they couldn't believe next door people were having a party on a Thursday at 3 am. So after that all calmed down, mom let us out to potty before she left for work and when I came back up the stairs I went all the way around the grill and kept watching the corner of the deck. Mom wondered what I was doing and peeked out and saw a cat on the deck rail. Mom kind of giggled at me and said I was a big chicken. But then when she looked at me, she saw blood running down my ear. Now who is laughing and the chicken mom? That mean cat got me. Ripped my ear right on the end. Score Cat 1 - Sagira 0. Next time just look out! I am doing much better. Dad got up and cleaned my ear all up and took good care of me so mom could get to work on time.

We have playdates every Thursday now. They are a lot of fun but I don't like to play Frisbee outside of my back yard so I go usually just to play with the puppies while dad takes photos.

I had a lot of fun playing with Bon Bon last week. She is Matt's little 9 week old mini Aussie.

This is my friend Bon Bon learning how to play Frisbee with her daddy Matt. The frisbee is bigger than she is. haha


  1. Ha - we bet you tired out that little pup very well!!! You can do very fast zoomies, Sagira. Hope your ear is OK after that bad kitty scratched you.

    Woos ~ the OP Pack

  2. Happy Birthday to Sagira's mom!!!

    Aww...pretty girl, that mean ol' cat gotcha, huh? I hope your ear heals ok... I took a chunk outta Blue's ear a few months ago and he needed stitches... IT WAS AN ACCIDENT I SWEAR!

  3. How cute is that pup with the Fribee?!

    Sagira would love my two they zoomie together every night, I just love to watch them.

    Nice neighbors, uggggg, what the heck are people doing awake at 3 am in the middle of the week? Watching infomercials? LOL

    Poor Sagira, hope the ear heals fast.

    Happy Birthday Girlie! Hugs from me and slobbery kisses from Taren and Caelan.

  4. Happy Birthday to your Mom!

    Wow, you have some super fast zoomie paws. Loved watching you do your cuts and twists and turns.

    And what a cutie Bon Bon is!

  5. Tell your dad that he can borrow Sylvie anytime for Frisbee! I was hoping to get her in some competitions this summer, but well... hasn't happened!

  6. Oh! And don't let those nasty kitties get you down!

  7. Happy Birthday to mom! May her day end on a note of puppy kisses, extra good surprises, and quiet family time. You are a fast one, my friend! I hope your ear heals quickly...anytime you want a kitty posse you just call and I'll be there to help (and so will Khyra, I bet)!

  8. Those were great videos!!! I love that happy tail waggin in the first one!

  9. Woo know I already ofFURed my help with the KHAT!

    Happy Gotcha Day to your mom!

    My mom should be transporting a year old Aussie boy on Saturday - she's furry excited - he's going from SC to Ottawa ONT!



    Hope you'll be blessed with more good healthy happy years to come!!

    Great video Sagira, Bon Bon's really cute!!


  11. Happy Birthday Mom!

    Hope your ear is ok, Sagira!

    Great videos! You look so happy playing with Bon Bon! How cute!

  12. Happy Birthday MOM!!!!!!!

    Oh no! That cat was such a meanie!!!!!! We hope your ear gets better ASAP!

    We loved the videos :))

    The frisbee looks wonderful, look at that Bon Bon go, wow, that is a star frisbee student for such a young un.
    OOH dear sorry about those weirdo neighbors up at that hour and the ear, yikes

  14. Happy Belated Birthday to your Mom!! Hope she had a wonderful day after the super early morning start!

    Sorry about that darn cat! You gotta watch out for them, Sagira!

    We are in love with Bon Bon!

  15. A belated happy birthday to your mom!! We are so sorry about the noise and the cat scratch too. Love the videos!! Lots of love, Debbie and Holly

  16. What a fun video, Sagira!! Maybe when my mom doesn't have school on Thursday nights I can come, too. She said it will be a long time. I think she said 5 weeks. I don't know what that means, though. Anyway... so sorry about the cat. You'll get it next time! If not, I'll come over and chase it out of the yard for you. :)


  17. Happy belated birthday to your mom!!!
    I really, REALLY love that video of you zooming and playing with Bon Bon. She looks like a LOT of fun! Your tail looks very happy. Woo.

  18. Oh no! We missed your mom's birthday! Happy birthday to your mom!

    Bon Bon is SO adorable! It looks like you had a super terrific time playing with her.

    Wiggles & Wags,

  19. miss sagira,
    first like, happy belated birthday to your mama!! second like, HOW RUDE for your neighbor peeps to be makin' all that noise at a crazy ridiculous hour and on her birthday of all days. grrr. third like, i hope your ear is all betters now, and i just know you will get that pesky cat next time!! and fourth like (i don't think i've gotten up to four before. teehee!), miss bon bon is a cutie patootie! i loved watchin' her practice with the frisbee, and i really really loved watchin' you do super fast zoomies around her! you are a speedy lady! :)
    the booker man


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