Monday, July 19, 2010

New Food

So I stopped eating my Evo food. Mom and dad researched and found that Orijen makes a really good food as well. So off to the store we went and got a new bag of food. The bag is almost as big as I am. I have been eating this better.


I have also been out of my crate since before vacation. I tore up some of moms old photos today. She was sad, I didn't mean to make her sad, but boy it sure was fun ripping up paper. :)


  1. Oh my, new food and paper for dessert, yum!

  2. Orijen is supposed to be very good food but Sagira, if your parents are going to give you such yummy food to eat, you shouldn't repay them by eating their photos too!

  3. Pepper has Orrijen too (it's imported all the way over to tiny NZ so we're lucky to get it here)and loves it.

  4. Excellent food ( we are Eagle Pack fans ourselves - especially the anchovy - enough to drive The Herd insane).

    Oh - and tell mom that is just the Sibe coming out of you.

  5. We eat EVO - the chicken and turkey grain free one. Phantom doesn't seem to want to eat his any more but he is the reason we eat it - for his cancer situation. We have heard good things about Orijen too. Hope it works well for you.

    Sagira, no chewing, even if you are part sibe. Ciara has been out of the crate during the day for well over a month now, and just last week Mom decided to let her be free at night too. We are all confined to the kitchen at night. So far so good. Knock on wood and all that good stuff.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  6. The FiveSibes will agree that chewing is fun as they have chewed lots of things from Hu-Mom's cookbooks to window molding to furniture, and even the vinyl siding off the house. They thought it was all great fun...not so much for the Hu-Family! Enjoy your new food, Sagira!

  7. Umm, we eat raw but we LOVE Orijin for our treats here. It is hard not to shred paper, it feels so good in the mouth, and the sound is super exciting as it RIIIIIIPPPPS, and then it is fun to have all those pieces of things to watch flying around, guess you can not fault a dog for having to do that. Guess that is why we still are not allowed full house privledges, except for Breeze and Chloe who are older....when mom is gone more then a few min.

  8. Well, lets me know if you keep liking it. We eat Taste of the Wild but mom always likes to know abouts other good foodables for us.

    Sorry abouts the whole picture eating thing. My kitteh brudder Capn Ripley likes to lick them. He doesn't eat 'em. Just licks 'em.

    Wiggles & Wags,

  9. Sagira, we will have to try that food. The food Holly is eating is vet recommended but seems to be putting too much weight on her. Of course the treats don't help! We are sorry that your mom's pictures were torn and we know she is sad. My mom used to be really sad and angry with me when I was tearing everything up but it really was fun! (Don't tell her I said that please!!) Lots of love, Holly and mom

  10. Hi, Sagira!
    Glad you like that food and you are eating it!
    Hmmmm... destroying pictures... I like that!
    I hope your mom has forgiven you!
    Kisses and hugs

  11. Wow that's a big bag of food!
    Never tried dried doggy food before.
    Me been on home cooked all the way.
    Glad to know you enjoy your new food!


  12. Your new food sounds wholesome and nutrious. It is important to eat well when you are as active and as beautiful as you are. I know you didn't mean to make mom sad but humans use those pieces of paper to capture important when you were a pup...When the photo is gone it is like that memory gets a little fuzzier and hard to picture EXACTLY.

  13. Glad you're enjoying your new food! I hope you you haven't eaten your beautiful photos! I love to see them!

  14. That is a big bag of food! Don't do what we do when mum gets us something new. We tell her we love it and eat it for a while, then as soon as she buys a lot in, we tell her we don't like it any more.
    Try not to shred any more photos, you don't want to make your mum sad do you.

  15. I've read good reviews on Orijen. Hope it works well on you! Did you say sorry to your mom? :P I think you should give her loads of kisses to make up for it!

  16. Sagira, you naughty girl!!! I am shocked...although I do recall a certain little blue eyed girl KILLING her mama's pillow...


  17. hello sagira its dennis the vizsla dog hay sorry to heer abowt yore moms fotos dada has ben skanning old fotos reesently and he wood probly not be verry happy with me if i tuk them owt of the boks and started shredding them like i do with pillos and stuf!!! ok bye

  18. Rut Roh -

    I hope woo don't do that again -

    I'm glad woo found a food woo like -

    I love my CaliFURnia Naturals Lamb and Rice - hoping their new owners don't mess with it too much - otherwise I'll be on the hunt fur my own new food -


  19. glad you got a yummy new food, miss sagira! me 'n asa are like miss khyra and eat california naturals. oh, and i'm sure your new food has plenty of that fiber stuff in it so you don't need to chew on your mama's old pictures!!
    the booker man

  20. Paper and photos are different, you knucklehead. Even I know that! In any case, you're out of the doghouse now at least.

  21. Ooops. Well, she still loves you TONS or she wouldn't have bought you that yummy food.


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