Thursday, July 8, 2010

Secret Firecracker

So my mom post a lot on a Weimaraner forum. They like to do gift exchanges and this month was called "Secret Firecracker". Mom signed Starr up to exchange this time. I already showed you pictures of Starr snoopervising the packing job. Well, Starr's box came in the mail earlier this week. They let us open it last night and oh boy, was that fun.

Starr and I opening the box from Starr's pal Britta. For my kitty followers, pay close attention you will see my kitty sister Mystic appear to check things out to.

Britta sent us all a stuffie, one for each of us. It turned into squeak central at our house.

Starr doing her head shake thing, she is so silly.


  1. Woo! Squeak Central!!! I wish I'd been there!! What great vids. I hung on every squeak!
    We were really happy to see Samick over there! (I like to lay on the vents, too.) How's he feeling?
    If you guys need any help going SQUEAK, SQUEAK, SQUEAK, let me know!

  2. That was a great package and we could see you were enjoying it. We saw your kitty sister. She probably wanted the box because all kitties know that boxes make the best beds.

  3. Wow, talk about hitting the jackpot, y'all done good!!!

  4. What a great box of toys! Squeaks galore!!! Your kitty would love the box. I think all kitties love boxes! Lots of love, Debbie and Holly

  5. I really enjoyed watching your videos. I had the volume on and Caelan was all about trying to find the squeakers. LOL I have to say your group is pretty mellow. Between the stuffies and the treats, there would have been a riot at my house. LOL Samick has the nicest smile.

  6. Better than Christmas! You all had a squeak seranade going there! And Starr knows part of the steps to my "Kill It! Shake It!" cool is that? Stay cool and enjoy the treats.

  7. Hi, friends!
    A squeaky concert! I love them!
    Glad you all are enjoying the toys!
    Sure Starr wanted the bully stick!
    It was nice to see Mystic and Samick!
    Kisses and hugs

  8. What a fun present! You all looked like you were having a great time at squeak central!!!

  9. boxes with presents =FUN, FUN, Fun, funny how the dogs knew right away those were TOYS! Very cute!

  10. I wonder if I khan go outside and hear all of woo with your khool toys!



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