Sunday, July 11, 2010

Frisbee time!

Last Thursday we went to meet Matt again for Frisbee lessons Part 2. We met at a park in Hilliard. It was pretty hot and I just didn't feel like playing frisbee this day so dad got to play with Matt's dogs Buddy and Bella. Dad learned how to throw the frisbee better and Matt showed him different types of competition discs. I had fun playing with Matt's new 8 and 1/2 week old mini Aussie puppy. Her name is Bazooka Bon Bon. She is already crazy about the frisbee, she is going to be an awesome frisbee dog.

Buddy and Bella


Bazooka giving my dad kisses


He acts like he doesn't like it, but you know he does


Sharing a drink with her


Okay, I'll go and get ONE frisbee but after that I'm done


Here is a video of her playing frisbee already at just 8 weeks old. Look at her go!

Dad also has MAJOR puppy fever. He keeps sending mom photos of cute little Aussie puppies, but mom really has her heart set on a Weim puppy that might be bred in 2011 or 2012. Wonder who will win??? Mom really wants to wait and see if we will get a Weim pup first. They seem to breed the Aussies more often, just not sure she can withhold all the temptations that dad keeps sending her. I would SO love to have a puppy to play with.


  1. Wow that little one has the hang of it! Good job! Good luck getting a new brother or sister....I keep hinting and all I get are more cats!

  2. Wow, that looks like some pretty cool chasing with your friends!

  3. What great pictures! We love the video!! Puppies! Oh my!! Mom wants another puppy but right now she's trying to hold back for some reason. I would love to have a puppy to play with!! Lots of love, Holly and mom

  4. Extremely cute aussie puppy!!! She loves that frisbee so much already! Very cool!

  5. Fun outdoors even in the heat! What cute pups. Baby fever in your house will bring you a little brother or sister to play with soon than you think, I am betting.

  6. Puppy post!
    I loved it!
    Kisses and hugs

  7. Great pictures and video!


  8. What pawesome AND khute pikhs/video!

    Thanks fur sharing!


  9. Ut oooh maybe there will end up being two pups? LOL. The puppy is really cute, and so cute to see her going after those frisbees. Frisbee in the heat, that has to be a lot harder to get really excited about the frisbees!

  10. Oh, MY! Look at how CUTE Bazooka is!!!! Just as adorable as it gets!!! Our great brother Booter was an Aussie/Lab mix and oh, how we just loved him! He had all the best of both breeds!!!
    We can't wait to see what kind of puppy they let you adopt, Sagira.


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