Tuesday, July 6, 2010


I was pretty sad today. Mom and dad had to go back to work. It has been so nice having them home with us this past week. They took us out to do lots of things. I did get to stay out of my crate today. While mom and dad were on vacation they took the opportunity to leave me uncrated for an hour at a time. Today was my first real test with them being gone all day. But I was a good girl and didn't get into anything.

Mom signed Starr up for the "Secret Firecracker" on her Weimaraner boards. Starr was busy snoopervising mom's packing skills to make sure that she packed it just the right way for her secret pal. I guess Starr approves now. Starr's package came in the mail today. We have all been busy sniffing it. Mom said she will let us open it up tomorrow.



  1. We took the day to nap because having the humans home for 3 whole days was exhausting with hikes and everything.

  2. Good Job Star! We had no doubt that you would be a good girl.

    Can't wait to see you open your package. It sounds like soooo much fun!

    Lots of Luv & Kisses
    Addie, Lucie and Hailey

  3. miss sagira,
    my mama and daddy had to go back to work today, too. it is sad!
    you are a good girl to not have to stay in your crate! my mama and daddy don't trust me yet. heehee. i have to stay in the laundry room when they are at work.
    the booker man

  4. We had more rain today so we did lots of napping here. And Ciara is getting ready for the big spay event. She is excited because Mom said she might be able to go uncrated at night soon. She is always free during the day and has been so good. Of coures, she does have to stay in the kitchen.

    Can't wait to hear about this firecracker.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  5. I spent 15 minutes out when it was 92 - Mom didn't let me out after that ;-)

    We went fur our walk when it went below 85 - around 9pm!

    Glad to see woo were furry well behaved!


  6. We tried to let Monty out too, but we ended up with another "near" hole in the couch! LOL! Your a good dog, Sagira!


  7. Good girl, Sagira!
    Glad you were not in trouble!
    Kisses and hugs

  8. Very good Sagira!!! We can't wait to see what's in the package! Lots of love, Debbie and Holly

  9. I missed having dad home today, too! Congratulations on passing the out of the crate test! Hopefully you will be given more freedom regularly now that you have proven yourself!

  10. We hate it when the humans have to go back to work too my friend. Why can't they just stay at home and wait on us!

  11. Sorry to hear your mom and dad had to go back to work but at least it was too hot that you couldn't have gone out to do anything any way! You were a very good girl out of your crate - congratulations!

  12. Sorry to hear about your mom and dad
    Having to go back to work.
    Me don't like it too, being alone..
    Hmm wonder what's in the package..


  13. We are glad to hear you were good when you were out of your crate.
    Our mum works at home and we help her check the horses. We are glad she is home all the time. Our dad works at home some days and some days he works away from home. We like it best when they are both home.

  14. Yep, it sure is sad when they leave us! Hey, I can't wait so see what ya got!

  15. Ewwweeee...that Secrete Firecracker sounds like way too fun, glad someone was superivising that packing! Hope everyone has a good day back to the old routinues.

  16. Wooooo! I can't wait to see what's in there! Maybe it's a watermelon! (Not that today is the farmers market here and I'm hoping someone will pick one up for me or anything....)
    That's great that you didn't have to be crated!


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