Thursday, April 16, 2009

Samick's first visit

Samick went on his first hospital visit last night. He did such a good job. I had no doubt. His tail was wagging the entire time. He absolutely loved all the attention he received and was giving out kisses to anyone who wanted one.

Picture if of us with Sam and one of the directors at the hospital. She has been so nice to us and wanted to come meet Sam.


I also found out that my Grandpa had to be admitted back into the hospital before we went with Sam on his visit. I wiped my tears and went there to help people out. My Grandpa isn't doing very well. There is nothing more they can do for him. His heart is in very bad shape and is very weak. He is also very confused now. They are doing a CT scan on his brain today to see if he has had some mini strokes. I hope they figure out what is causing his confusion. He never had problems with his brain before this.

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