Friday, April 24, 2009

Another busy week

Wow, where has the time gone? So Tuesday evening we took Sagira and Starr to Petsmart for the "Pet Party". It was nice. They gave you a free digital photo of your dog in a frame, a goodie bag and played musical sit. Musical sit is where you walk the dog around and when the music stops you have to make the dog sit. Last dog to sit it out, etc. So we entered both Sagira and Starr in the contest. We figured Sagira had a good shot since this is what she is trained to do. When we stop walking, she sits. So we were playing and it comes down to Sagira, Starr and another guy with his dog. This guy was totally cheating though. He was pushing his dogs butt down to make them sit and he was so proud of himself that his dog was sitting and getting everyone out. So in my opinion Starr and Sagira should have won, but they had this guy and Sagira as a tie. But Sagira sat on her own so she wins! We got a $5 gift card to Petsmart for winning.

Jeremy got in a car accident on Wednesday. He got hit by a dump truck. Luckily he is okay and only damaged the car.

Sagira is going on a therapy dog visit tomorrow to the hospital ER and then to the library to let the kids read to her again.

Supposed to be beautiful out so I am sure there will be a dog park visit sometime this weekend.



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