Thursday, July 17, 2014

Tooth Update

So I am back from my surgery. Dadster dropped me off and luckily one of our friends works there so she kept a very close eye on me all day and kept texting momster updates throughout the day. So after Dr. Tom did my x-ray he found that the fracture was not that bad and my nerve was not exposed so they didn't have to end up pulling it. They actually just repaired it and mom and dad promise they would start brushing my toothies every day. Oh boy...I'm not sure I am going to like that. When mom picked me up I was whinning and the lady told her that is normal for 24 hours until the medications work their way out of my system. When I got home nurse Tempest took charge and made sure I was okay. She is such a sweet sister.

 photo 10409722_10152639633827160_3739190030178501107_n_zps8c12dbe9.jpg

Thank you to everyone who sent me good thoughts and stuff on the day of my procedure. You are all the best!


  1. Hey Sagira!
    Wow, I'm so sorry you have a toofy ouchie! I'm glad it went okay and that your peeps and Tempest are giving you extra love and snuggles. Brushing isn't so bad if they use that yummy chicken flavored paste. BOL
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, Pol Comm

  2. We are glad that everything went well!

    Monty and Harlow

  3. That's good news, Sagira. We hope you're over the whinies now!


  4. THIS IS SUPERIOR NEWS. WE are SOOOOOO happy that it was FIXABLE.

  5. We sure are glad that it turned out so well!

  6. Glad Tempie took such good care of you, and that your tooth was fixable. Maybe you will like the way the toothpaste taste. Can't say any of us fur kids are fans of having out teeths brushed.

  7. I was born blind in my right eye from birth so it has been my good eye that has done all the work all my life and that poor eye is so tired now!!!! The computer is hard on it!!
    I have been deaf in my left ear since 93. Yes probably surgery could fix it but we do not have the money!!!!!! Sorry you are having trouble too!!

  8. I'm glad that the fracture wasn't too bad. I bet you might like having your teeth brushed. Our dogs adore it because we use "poultry" flavored toothpaste!

  9. OMD, that is FABulous news!!! So you gots like a fixed tooth like my Ma's?! Very cool!! You are one pawsome nurse Tempest!!!
    Ma doesn't brush my teeth cause all my slobbers keep the bad stuff off em'. My vettie said I had the bestest toothers she's ever seen! (I guess there is a up side to havin' LOTS of slobber!! Well, besides puttin' it in my Ma's hair!!hehehe)
    Ruby ♥

  10. I am glad it was not as bad as first thought and you are all fixed up now. I get my teeth brushed every day with Logic oral gel and an old electric toothbrush head. It is not so bad once you get used to it.

  11. I'm glad you're OK. How sweet of Tempest to nurse you back to health.


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