Sunday, July 20, 2014

Pics from the July 4th Disc Dog Event

Dadster's friend Marshall Smith is a great photographer. He showed up at the July 4th event and snagged some photos of Bokeh and Tempest. Here are the shots he took of Bokeh.

Dadster throwing the disc to Bokeh wearing his silly GoPro camera on this head, BOL

 photo E14420262218_772962da82_o_zps6f2a5915.jpg

Mom said Bokeh looks like an old man in this photo for some reason

 photo E14420461717_612ebbb9a5_o_zps3a1adbd7.jpg

You would think as close of attention he would have caught one disc, BOL

 photo E14583851766_b9160fcc31_o_zps79f071db.jpg

Bokeh can FLY!

 photo E14420262358_22902980cd_o_zps9975f80c.jpg

You have to open your mouth to catch it silly brother!

 photo E14420290839_5ecc3788d0_o_zpsa73c2cfa.jpg

This one is our favorite. Look at Bokeh's back legs. He is such a goofball.

 photo E14626916363_bd0bd849b7_o_zps7122315f.jpg


  1. OMD OMD the Last picture is ASTONISHING. WE love it.

  2. Those are such amazing photos, the Dadster has it going on fur sure!

  3. Those are good action photos of Bokeh. The last one made me laugh.

  4. Bokeh does look pretty funny, great action shot


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