Thursday, July 3, 2014


Last Saturday mom and dad took Tempest and Bokeh to a place called Painsville, Ohio (about 3 hours from home) to do a disc dog event. They had to leave at 5 am (before the roosters are awake). Luckily they decided to leave Starr and I at home since it was supposed to be a little hot so we just went back to bed and stayed cool in the a/c and Grandma came over to let us potty and keep us company.

This was a Skyhoundz Disc Dogathon where you play several disc games throughout the day and then the FIRST place winner in each division gets invited to the WORLD finals. Boy were we excited when they made the announcement that Tempest WON first place in the game "Bullseye". In this game they have circles painted on the field and dad has to stand in the "Bullseye" and they have to bring the disc back to him before he can throw it again. Tempest ended up with 44 points and is now a Skyhoundz Disc Dogathon WORLD finalist. So now not only did she get us invited to attend the USDDN World finals in Georgia later this year, we are now invited to attend the Skyhoundz world finals in Tennessee as well. How awesome in that??? Tempest was also only ONE point away from landing first place in Freestyle as well.

Here is the Bullseye video

and here is Tempest and dad doing their Freestyle routine. Mom was SO proud of them. Dad has really been working on the catch ratio with Tempest and she only dropped 5 during her routine with an 80% catch ratio. Be sure to see who the cheerleader is at the end, BOL

Here is the award ceremony announcing Tempest gets to go to World finals. Everyone said she is a "ringer" and glad she will be representing the USA and Ohio disc dogs.

So we are proud to announce that Miss Tempest is now a MULTI time WORLD finalist. I have a rockstar for a sister, BOL


  1. You guys sure are active! Thanks for the invite, but Parental Unit is so exhausted, we plan to hibernate tonight:-) Hope we can meet at a park this summer!

  2. Congratulations!

    Monty and Harlow

  3. Rockstar indeed and we are so proud of you Tempest!!!

    way to gooooooooooooo girl. EXCELLENT.... even if you DID have to get up before the butt crack of dawn.

  5. You are a real starTempest!

  6. Awesomepawsomesauce!

    Happy Fourth of July!


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