Monday, July 14, 2014

Paws In the Plaza

Every 1st Thursday of the month they hold Paws in the Plaza at Creekside Gahanna. A few of our friends asked us to meet them there so we of course said yes. Only Tempest and Starr got to go though because they needed their nails trimmed and they do free nail trims up there. So in a way I'm glad I didn't get to go BOL.

This is our friend Meredith and her new puppy who is only six months old

 photo B10396306_10152358401722670_7306592078415449346_n_zps80a8fb0f.jpg

He is as big as Starr already and only a baby!

 photo B10488157_10152358401582670_5934329642975320147_n_zps918a4254.jpg

Isn't he cute?

 photo B10423303_10152358401642670_7185447087248448013_n_zps96ee7918.jpg

This is our friend Cricket. She knows how to do cool tricks.

 photo B10452334_10152358401867670_4453588769747538060_n_zpsd76e5b22.jpg

 photo B10517571_10152358401337670_7532832635847450438_n1_zps4824b1cc.jpg

Checking out the ducks in the fountain

 photo B10494717_10152358401382670_918808141557020100_n_zpsd2244cc1.jpg

 photo 0703141808_zpsa328665c.jpg

It was a beautiful evening with great friends. :)


  1. How fun! Meredith's puppy is adorable!

    Monty and Harlow

  2. How VERY nice. Glad that you got to go... except fur the Trimmin of the Nails.

    Although actually Mom did OURs today and we actually LIKE it... She uses the DREMMEL thingy...

  3. It's great to spend such an evening with friends. I like the black mask of Meredith's pup, isn't he super cute?


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