Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Having surgery

So as you read this I will be on my way to have surgery completed. I have a "slab" tooth fracture. We went Saturday to see a new VET that was very highly recommended to us for working on dog's teeth.

 photo E101_1040_zpsfa7d55a0.jpg

People call him Dr. Tom and he was super nice. Tempest went with me to make sure I was okay

 photo E101_1041_zps4280a252.jpg

Tempest was making sure dad was okay to BOL

 photo E101_1044_zps9b108a47.jpg

We were very interested to see what other friends came out of the back door to play with us

 photo E101_1045_zps5e694a91.jpg

Any other pups or cats come out to play with us?

 photo E101_1049_zps204585e2.jpg

As you can see Tempest gets very stress out at the vet.

 photo E101_1051_zpse24ed1a1.jpg


 photo E101_1053_zps42a860c2.jpg

We thought it was cool that Dr. Tom has half doors! You get to see what goes on in the back.

 photo E101_1057_zps4746f601.jpg

Wish me luck! Dr. Tom will not know if he can repair the tooth until he puts me under and gets some x-rays. Either way, I will feel better tomorrow.


  1. Hey - we know that Dr Tom guy.....he did Tim's tooth removal surgery and was great. You are in good hands and we hope the surgery goes well

  2. Love, hugs and prayers from all of us sweetie.

  3. OH SAGIRA.... so SORRY to hear about your tooth. We Pray that Dr. Tom can FIX it fur you. Let us know as soon as you can. PAWS CROSSED fur you.

  4. We will be thinking of you today and looking for your Mom to post on FB that all is well.

    Monty and Harlow

  5. Oh noes!! I didn't knows about your toothers! Wells, looks like you gots the bestest peeps and doggies lookin' out after you!! Sendin' tons of POTP to you Sagira!!!
    Ruby ♥
    pees: Ma wishes I was so well behaved at the vetties!!! pffffft!!

  6. Hope everything went well for you Sagira.

  7. By now we hope all is done and you are home, sleeping with a fixed tooth and no pain. Sending you our White Dog healing energies and hopes for a quick recovery.


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