Saturday, April 26, 2014

Trial last weekend

We went to Zanesville again for another trial last weekend. It was just my turn this time. Tempest doesn't compete again until July.

Here is my standard run. I ran it really fast and got the most MACH points in one time that I think I ever go (14) and got a Q.

Here is my JWW run. This is one of mom's favorite videos. As most of you know I always find mom before I start my run and make sure she is watching me. Well this time if you watch real close after I do the jump all the way on the left hand side and run past mom I totally say hi to her. Even someone standing near mom said "She totally just cheesed you". BOL what can I say, I love my momster. So I got another Q on this run so that means our MACH watch is up to 12 QQ (need 20) and we are up over 300 points (need 750). YIPEE!


  1. Great job, Sagira - we saw you peek at Mom - we bet she was as proud of you as we are!!!

    Woos - Phantom, Ciara, and Lightning

  2. BRAVO! Thanks for sharing your videos with me! I loved to watch you. And I'm always impressed how cool and calm your dad acts, we probably would run around nervous like crazy bats. Have a super sunday!

  3. Well done on a successful weekend. I saw you say hi to your mum.


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