Friday, April 25, 2014

Disc Demo

A few weekends ago one of the local parks had a dog social. They always invite our disc dog club out to do a demo. Momster wasn't feeling well back then so she didn't get to go but dadster took Bokeh and Tempest. Dadster's mom came out and got some great shots of us. (Photo credit to Vickie Barnhill Photography).

 photo E1795172_745768415458102_1680260909_o_zpsf4e65df1.jpg

Her ears look silly, BOL

 photo E1973225_745768575458086_1210921534_o_zps9424c4a1.jpg

Bokeh was being bossy and telling dad to hurry up and throw the disc already

 photo E1978451_745787345456209_435368963_o_zps91310b10.jpg

Dad loves Tempest just a little

 photo E1973754_745768385458105_589511384_o_zps4cc89ad2.jpg

She is the perfect size for dad to carry around

 photo E10154927_745768478791429_696163316_n_zpsa4cd5b9e.jpg can see how truly crazy she is, BOL

 photo E1980337_745787372122873_264250530_o_zps4a0f9117.jpg

She got some cool new discs that are fun colors to

 photo E10012144_745768452124765_761729988_o_zps1aff336d.jpg

Looks like a ninja pup

 photo E10152610_745768545458089_888145380_n_zps5df51ec9.jpg

Think she has some wings under all that fur

 photo E1973773_745768625458081_299813781_o_zps815ad012.jpg

Bokeh loves his disc!

 photo E1907707_745787342122876_1224139475_o_zpsb27f1293.jpg


  1. What fun they had!!! Nice photo captures! Ryker would have loved to join you.

  2. Dang, y'all are disco diamonds!

  3. O.M.D.!!!! What FABulous photos!!!! Is Tempie a dog or a burdie??? I don't thinks I can tell which one...I'm not sure she knows either! BOL
    Way to go gurl!!
    And Bokeh...great discs dude!!!
    Ruby ♥

  4. Looks like everyone had a fun-filled day!

    I hope your mama is feeling better.


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