Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Chewy Again

We have a second Chewy review again this month because momster wasn't feeling well last month and we missed doing it last month. So the second review we are doing is for Nutri Source Soft Treats. This is what they look like when they arrive

 photo EJWB_2813_zps02ad9383.jpg

and this is to show you the size of the treats

 photo EJWB_2816_zpsfc947b67.jpg

We always have to take turns getting our treats. Starr always goes first since she is the oldest of our pack. Starr always drools in anticipation of getting the treat, BOL

 photo EJWB_2831_zps1690b494.jpg

Then it is my turn. I am very gentle taking treats and like to savor my food

 photo EJWB_2826_zpscda216db.jpg

Then Bokeh

 photo EJWB_2817_zpsf697e2b2.jpg

and last but not least is Tempest

 photo EJWB_2820_zpsf0c62850.jpg

These are all the little details about what they are made up of, etc. We don't care about that (mom and dad do) all we care about is how they taste and they were YUMMY in our TUMMIES

 photo EJWB_2815_zps1fa9f88d.jpg

We liked these treats as well. Maybe we are bad at reviewing because we LOVE all the treats we have tested so far, BOL. But these are also soft and easy for the parents to use when training us and also a nice size. They might even work in our Wobbler, mom is going to try them and see. last thing. Louisville Weimaraner Rescue will receive a $20 donation for any NEW customers at making their first purchase if they just use this LINK HERE

In exchange for our review we did receive a free bag of treats to try

You can also enter Chewy's monthly give away here:


  1. LAMB.... that will keep you coming BAAAAAAAAAAAAHk fur MORE.

  2. Not thrilled with that ingredient list :( But they look yummy.

  3. Sorry to hear your mama wasn't feeling good. Hope all is well now! Thanks for the review. You all seem to be enjoying the treats.
    Smooches from pooches,
    BabyRocketDog and Hootie

  4. My boys really like Chewy a lot too.


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