Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Tempest Tuesday

Okay, we are back. Sorry momster hasn't been feeling well but she is starting to feel better each day.

Tempie here! A few weekends ago we went to help this program called Agility Ability. It is a program for autistic and special needs children. The program allows them to work with agility dogs. It helps with their vocal commands, using their muscles to keep up with the dogs and just having fun while learning to work with the dogs. The kids and dogs form special bonds and it is just an amazing program. They invited us out to do a disc demo and we of course said YES right away.

Here is a video of dadster doing his speech and me showing some of my moves.

and here we are letting some of the kids throw the disc to me

We loving helping out people when we can and we support this program


  1. WE are so glad to hear that your mom is feeling better. THAT is the bestest news EVER.

  2. That looks like you were having a fun time! I am glad to hear the Mom is feeling some better!

  3. I am glad your mum is getting better. Those children look like they were having a great time.


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