Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Tempest first agility trial

Our training club hosted their spring agility trial. Tempest is still in training and very much a baby dog and very green but mom and dad decided to see how she would do at the trial. Tempest is VERY fast and still overly confident in herself right now. Dad is working on his timing with her but having a lot of fun running with her in agility. Here is Tempie's very first ever agility trial run. She didn't get a Q because she had three refusals but she did so good in our minds.

Here is her standard run from Friday's trial as well. She didn't get a Q in this one because she didn't do her weave poles. You have three chances to do them correctly and she didn't so she didn't Q but she has AWESOME contacts and start line stays all day.


  1. Tempie is just AWESOME... no matter WHAT.

  2. Yeah, a couple mistakes but oh the enthusiasm! I love this girl!

  3. She is still a baby but is very fast and learning well.

  4. We agree with Frankie and Ernie!



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