Thursday, December 5, 2013

Wag Pac

We were invited to join in doing a review of the new Wag Pac. This is a new subscription based program that isn't open to subscriptions just yet (but very close, we will let you know when you can start subscribing). We are going to receive a three month subscription in exchange for this review. We love getting mail and getting new treats and toys to try so this is a win-win!

One HUGE thing that we love about this new program is that a portion of your subscription will be donated to a charity that YOU get to choose. There are over 3,000 charities to chose from. Of course since we volunteer for Louiville Weimaraner Rescue that is who we chose to have ours go to.

The box arrived very quickly. It was secured nicely and when you opened it, it was wrapped very pretty. It also had a big note on the inside saying that part of the sales were donated to Louisville Weimaraner Rescue. YIPPEE!

Here is a video of us opening the box, it was so much fun.

There were several very cool things in the box. It came with a leash that has a poop bag holder on it (hey Frankie, I said POOP, haha), some nice treats to try out (which were YUMMY) and a squeaky toy (I am keeping that one and not sharing with Tempest this time) and a blinking light for my collar when I'm out at night.

 photo EJWB_1817_zps7a5b192a.jpg

The prices are expected to be around $29 for a one month subscription, $24 a month if you join for 3 months and $19 a month if you join for six months. A whole lot of fun and they donate part to a charity.

We really enjoyed receiving this mystery box and liked the products that were inside. We feel it is a good value for the items that you receive.


  1. Nice things on that WAG PAC :D

    Welcome to my blog

  2. hehehehehe you DID say POOP. BOL BOL
    OH MY GOSH... how did they pack all that super stuffs into that little box?
    We see that Mr. Jeremy... was right in there... he just CRACKS us UP when you get a pressie package. He is like a puppy in a stuffie store.

  3. Thanks for a super review. I saw Starr loves boxes and the content as much as me :o)


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